Conspiracy Theory: Disney

So this is a post I’ve had in mind now for a couple of years. When I was a kid, The Disney channel was a whole lot different than it is now. I remember shows like Dumbo’s Circuis and Kids Incorporated, or just cartoons. Shows with puppets, or kids who looked like kids we knew, or the iconic Mickey Mouse.

DisneyThese days, every show is about a girl, who not only stars in the show, but she sings and dances too. Not necessarily bad, but it seems like they’re all made up like tramps. They’re frequently disrespectful, snide, and condescending to others around them, PARTICULARLY when dealing with things like popularity and “nerds”. Coupled with the fact that parents are afraid to discipline their children, we wonder why bullying is a problem? This bothers me very much, as a father of two small girls, one of which is infatuated with these shows.

I was also pretty young when I realized it is a little ridiculous that most of the princess movies involve being forced to get married on their 16th birthday… I was a LITTLE relieved when in the princess and the frog, she was 18. STILL ridiculously young, but I guess at least it’s legal.

I was talking with a friend about this some years back, and he told me about a conspiracy theory. Sure, Disney has it’s share of Conspiracy theories, but this one isn’t on the wiki…

It’s important to mention, I’m not really all that much of a conspiracy theoriest, I have no facts, and nothing to back this up, even the quote below about statistics… But even still, it sounds at least plausible.

Goes a little something like this:

First: statistically speaking, a child who grows up in a single parent family is more likely to join the armed forces than one who had both parents present while growing up.

The conspiracy theory suggests that the Government pushed (or otherwise influenced) Disney to put money into making slutty stars to get the country’s girls to emulate the promiscuity of the girls on stage, and have kids who are statistically more likely to join the armed forces.


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