Been a While!

So, I guess I kinda blew the 2014 A to Z Challenge, huh?

Been a hell of a time these last few months. I’m not going get into specifics, but I throw a few buzz words out there, so you can get the idea…

Back pain. Physical Therapy. Bills. Meds Back Pain. Meds. Back pain. Less pain. Off meds. New Car! Car totaled after 3 weeks. (not our fault) Bills. Back pain again. Back on meds. Possibly more physical therapy. Bills.

That about brings us up to current.

I really don’t like taking pain meds. Can’t really do much on them, cause I think I’m feeling better than I actually am… So I do a few things, and the next day, I walk like a question mark.

They also leave me in a bit of a haze where things like blogging, writing, talking, etc… are just too cumbersome to bother with when I don’t have to.

I think I’m coming out the other side of all that though. I’m starting to dare to be optimistic again. Feeling okay, moving around, and so on. Could deal with some cooler weather though. Tired of the hot humidity. I think that too is on the decline though.

Anyway, good to see ya. Hope all is well. Don’t be any stranger. I’ll be back again soon. Keep the light on.



Lots of Fun Stuff!

I totally, completely, and unforgivably bombed out of the A to Z challenge this year… I mean, totally stopped blogging completely at like, “Q” I think…

I got a little tied up. I’m currently creating a user forum for D&D geeks such as myself and the website package (E107) which I used to use for just got a HUGE update. MAJOR re-write, and I road that boat. Continue reading

New Blog

I have a new blog. Well, it’s not necessarily new, but this is the first time I’m letting the cat out of the bag, if only slightly… I’m not going to tell you what it is. Not here anyway.

I’ve lamented before that I threw my real name all over this blog, and thus the internet, and now if I feel like ranting vulgarly, I kinda can’t, because some of it’s stuff I’d rather the folks who know me, didn’t hear me saying. The kind of stuff you laugh like crazy at when watching a bad-mouthing comedian, and then shudder when you think about how you’d feel if you were known for saying things like that…

So I created another blog, one where my name is no where to be found, and I can swear and cuss and complain all I want, without tainting my “public” image.

If you’re interested in reading it, and can keep my public identity a secret (what??) shoot me an email, (It’s matthewconlon at gmail dot com) and I’ll be glad to share it with you, if you’re not related or a potential employer. Cause if you are, chances are I’m complain about you already over there.

Oh, and NO I will not be abandoning this blog, I’ll still be posting the same caliber junk here, so if you enjoy it now at all, it’s not likely to change. I’ll still be sporadic, I’ll still be sarcastic, and I’ll still be long winded and wistfully nostalgic and a terrible speller. I just wanted another outlet, is all.

Wanted: One Happy Hour

I think I need a happy hour, a thought courtesy of Buck over in Exile.

For the last four to six weeks or so I’ve been dieting. I’ve cut meal portions own to about a quarter what they were, and I’m not snacking constantly anymore, save for a 3pm somethingorother. In that short 6 week stretch, I’ve managed to lose about fourteen pounds, and I feel pretty darn good. After the fourth week the hunger pains really went away. That’s the good news. The bad news is that if you’re of a similar mind, it’s going to suck for about four weeks.

Anyway, part of the whole thing is staying mostly away from carbs. Those are my downfall, I’m a carb junkie. I still have a couple things, perhaps half a bagel for breakfast and maybe a glass of milk or something with dinner…

Unfortunately avoiding carbs means avoiding beer. One of these days, very soon, I’ll lift the sanction and partake.

They Might Be Giants said it best: Beer is liquid bread, it’s good for you!

Been a while


How’ve you been?

Long time no see!

How’re the kids? The wife? The family?

You still at the same place?

I’ve been meaning to post, but things get so hectic! You know how it is…

But hey, I gotta run, but it was great seeing you!

Let’s do lunch sometime! I don’t wanna lose touch like that again!

Take care!