Matt Who?

I’m an early 30’s father of two, husband of one, owner of a slightly neurotic beagle, two rabbits and a cat.

Professionally, I work in the field of I.T. as a network administration consultant. I work mostly out of the house for a company based in PA. Most of my job is done remotely over the internet.

I have lots of hobbies, most of which revolve around the written word. I blog a lot, in several places.

  • This blog is where I post most of my general thoughts, memories, opinions, and just general banter.
  • I am also a freelance blogger for hire! I currently write for the company Don’t Have Time To Write. If you know or run a business, and feel like a blog would help the product, get in touch with them! They’ll handle all your blogging / social media needs.
  • I write blog posts, and do product reviews for Boored At Work.
  • is a site a friend of mine and I created with the hopes of bringing bloggers together in a community where they can share their blog hops, challenges, and create blog circles. There’s a great user forum as well. Come by and check it out!
  • is where I post a little stick-figure web-comic that I write not-so-regularly, about an IT guy. Mostly based on real life experiences, except for the ones that show the IT guy in a bad light… cause that stuff never actually happens.
  • is my blog about Video Games.
  • is where I blog about my long-time hobby of Dungeons and Dragons role-playing.
  • is where I keep track of all the technical solutions I use for my job, and don’t want to have to scour Google to find again, although nine times out of ten, I still end up using Google to search MY site to find what I’m looking for.
  • I do have a couple other blogs under my belt, but I keep those one anonymous so as to protect the innocent (you) and the maybe not-so-innocent… (me.)

In addition to blogging and beering, I play video games and read books. I was never much of an athlete, although I love watching football (the American kind) and Baseball.

For more information on me, read the blog posts I have linked on the left navigation bar, or shoot me an email at matt at mattconlon dot com.

See ya ’round!

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