The Longwood Mall, Brookline MA

When I was a kid, my father once took me to a place with some really huge old trees. I was probably around 11, and never really knew where it was, but I remembered he had to hoist me up into this tree, and I carved my initials in among the carvings of my brother’s initials that they’d done some years before me. (They were 13, 14 and 15 when I was born).

Something I realized just recently about Brookline, is that there were beech trees. I’ve yet to see a beech tree anywhere but Brookline. As I kid, I’d see them now and then, just figured “Well, it’s a tree, of course it’s gigantic”. I had no idea they were so uncommon, at least around here.

This weekend I was north of the city, and had to come back down through it to get home from a family function, and since I was giving my mother a ride, I asked her about it. Turned out it was nearby, so we stopped and I got some pretty awesome (in my opinion) pictures.


I took the picture above because I liked how the trail lead into the trees. I took more every few steps:DSCF2360 Closer…DSCF2361

Closer still…DSCF2362

And as it turned out, the trail that led into the trees, didn’t. It led into the TREE. One tree. VERY cool to stand 40′ from a tree trunk, turn around, and be another 20′ from the edge of the foliage of that same tree.DSCF2363 DSCF2364 DSCF2365 DSCF2366 DSCF2367 DSCF2368 DSCF2370 DSCF2371 DSCF2372I didn’t stay long enough to find my old initials, but one day I may.