Poetry Inspired by Adam and Eve

God made the earth,
and he hung it there in space.
He then got to work,
planning to create a race.

A man, in God’s own image,
was the start of that endeavor.
Then a garden and some fruit,
the man could not have, ever.

Adam lived the life of Riley,
lounging ’round amoungst the plants,
but he longed for some adventure,
and perhaps some hot romance!

“God,” he said. “You see,
I’ve got everything I need.
I’ve got food, and warmth and fig leaves,
But I’ve got an urge to breed!”

“I’m alone here all the time, you see,
and though sometimes that’s okay,
I long to talk with someone
when you must go way.”

God considered Adam’s words,
and realized he was right.
Besides, a “race” should have more members.
Just one, was an oversight.

“I shall use a part of your own body,
to begin to make a wife.
She will be made as part of you.
You’ll love her your whole life.”

And God began to think out loud,
about what he had said.
What part of Adam should he use?
A foot? An ear? His head?

“Two arms you need to tend your flock.
two legs to walk the shore.”
And then it dawned, “I’ll use a rib!
You have 11 more!”

And thus, a woman God named Eve
was made to fill the void.
And Adam shared his life and love,
and he was overjoyed.

Until the hag fed him that apple.


3 thoughts on “Poetry Inspired by Adam and Eve

  1. Not sure what happened, but this disappeared. Luckily I was able to google it, and read the cached version.

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