Play This Song Every Time I Enter a Room

This post was prompted by Jim “Suldog” Sullivan’s post over here, as so many of my posts have been…

I’m a great lover of music, and I’ve always loved the way some music plays with movies and shows. I’ve always thought I’d be good at laying out a soundtrack for a movie.

I like to joke sometimes when I hear a song and say “I want this song to come on every time I enter a room”. But it’s only half true usually, cause what if I’m entering the bathroom? I don’t really need bathroom theme music, and nobody else is in there anyway to hear it…

…although the gears in my head are trying to turn on that one right now, but I’m not letting them. For the record though, I’m sure I could come up with some pretty funny bathroom theme song candidates.

But anyway, the point is that some songs work better for some places, rather than others. For example:

When Entering a Shady Biker-Bar Looking For Trouble
Not that I like leaving the house, much less looking for shady biker bars or trouble… But if I were to do that, this is the song I’d want to come on, as I shove the door open, and slow-mo walk passed the jerks on the pool tables. Of course I’d have two or three other guys with me, but they’d walk in behind, watching my 9.

Of course there’d be some trouble, and I’d have to grab one of the billiard balls, wrap it in a towel, and use it as a flail, cause that’s what Patrick Swayze did in Road House, when he went looking for trouble in a biker bar. ..aka a road house.

This is a good one for a road house fight.


The Wuss of the Movie Takes a Bus Ride Home, in the Rain, After Being Dumped or like, Losing Something Like That
Clearly I would not be playing this part… The scene is a skinny wuss (so I’m out on two counts already) and it’s night time. He’s on a bus, like a charter bus from another state or something, not the beat up old inner-city busses with the hard blue plastic seats. These are comfy cushy seats, and they all face forward. They’re high-backed too, so there’s a bit of privacy, which is good cause he’s a sissy and he’s on the verge of crying.

The bus’ lights are off, and it’s night, so it’s fairly dark, and he’s got his ear buds in. (when I first thought of this, it was a portable CD player… a Discman, if you recall those. I’m sure it’s an MP3 player now.) and he’s looking out the bus window, with his forehead leaning on it. It’s raining out, and you can see through the rain some parking lot lights in the distance, distorted by the rain dripping down the window.

See what I mean? Total wuss.

Entering the Reception Hall on my Wedding Day

Our wedding was pretty low key. We had a very short ceremony (like, 12 minutes long?) performed by a JP at Vinny Testa’s in Dedham MA, in their function hall. (Itallian Restaraunt, FANTASTIC food, and they catered). It was at like, 10am, we had the place for 4 or 5 hours, and it was ten bucks a plate… couldn’t beat it.

Anyway, we had the usual Canon in D for when my wife came into the room for the ceremony. Was beautiful.

Then we did our thing, left the room and had pictures done. When we came back, they did the usual introduction of all the wedding party, to some upbeat guitar bluesy generic stuff, and for the wife and I, the DJ played Guns N Roses, welcome to the jungle, totally milked the way the song builds up in the beginning with all that “AND NOW… LET’S GIVE A WARM WELCOME…. TO THE COUPLE OF THE HOUR… MR AND MRS…. ” etc.



14 thoughts on “Play This Song Every Time I Enter a Room

  1. I love that you had “Welcome To The Jungle” as your ACTUAL entrance music at your freakin’ wedding (not to mention that you had the whole affair at Vinny Testa’s, may it rest in peace. I loved the frutti di mare there. Enough for three or four meals.)

    • Thanks! It was pretty awesome… Was just a five hour party during which we only usurped about fifteen minutes for the ceremony.

      And MAN was the food good! Farfelli con pollo, chicken parm, or… something else. And salads.

      I can’t believe they’re gone!! What’s there now, do you know?? That’s downright devastating, that place was fantastic. It’s even worse, cause it’s where I had my wedding, you know? I can’t point it out to people and say “I got married there”…

  2. I’ve often tried to think of a good personal soundtrack. While it would be great to have my own leit motif to follow me everywhere, I think you’re absolutely right in that context matters. “Fanfare for the Common Man” would be pretty awesome – might even work for the bathroom.

    • You’re most welcome! I wasn’t much of a fan of theirs, their first big hit was “Superman’s Dead”, which I just kinda found irritating. I do like “Somewhere, Out there” a lot though.

      Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

  3. So many bonus points for Sevendust. Black is an awesome song.

    For our wedding entrance, we played Love and Marriage. You know, the Married With Children theme song. People seemed to get a kick out of it.

    • When that song first came out, I was an angsty 16 year old, and I saw them on TV playing some show… Lajohn (I think that’s how he spells it?) the singer was like… SO intense, just made me wanna mosh.

      Funny you mention Love and Marriage, that’s what we played for the cake cutting performance!

  4. That’s an interesting little collection of songs and your explanations make it all seem right. I’ve done a couple life sound tracks on my site. They’re fun to do. I like the idea of an entrance theme song like might be played if one were appearing on a TV talk show our something. Once one of my daughters had a friend named Fernando come over to our house and I couldn’t help myself. I had Abba’s song “Fernando” cued up so that when the young man walked in the door I played his “theme song”. He freaked and we all had a good laugh.

    Wrote By Rote

    • Haahaaa! That’s great! Poor guy, gotta wonder how many times he’s heard that!

      I wonder if the song gets stuck in his head all the time…

    • Thanks for stopping by! 🙂 And it was, it was all about the fun, we didn’t bother with all the formalities. 🙂

  5. Thanks for stopping by Alex! Truth be told, I’m not the biggest GnR fan, I think my wife likes them more than I do! 🙂

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