3, 2, 1 Contacts!!

Once upon a time, there was a roledex. I saw them in action. In fact, I wCard index, file system to register and search...orked in a video store what had one, and when I had to call folks, I had to flip through a bunch of cards to find their info.

Shortly thereafter, we had computers, and depending on the kind of computer user you were, you may or may not have maintained your contacts list… But if you did, it wasn’t a big deal, really. You put someone’s name in, and their info, and done.

Then you also had to put in their name and number into your cell phone. Sometimes there were pieces of software what did this for you, and synchronized, etc…

Then everyone had palm pilots or Visors, which synced with your computer and / or

PDA: Palm IIIxe Català: Ordinador de butxaca P...

phone. Or nothing, and you maintained a 3rd place to store contact information. Sometimes the batteries died, and you lost everything. That was awesome.

Fast forward a bit, we had BlackBerry. Sort of a mix of palm pilots and phones, and they synchronized with the computer.  Back down to two endpoints, and they SHARED a database! …when you remembered to sync. And when your sync actually worked, and didn’t create duplicates.

But then people wanted their own personal version of the contact, where they could put the home number, and didn’t want it synchronizing with the company’s shared contact list… Now they had two of each person, and were irritable about it.

Fast forward again, and while the mobile devices changed, they still pretty much helped you manage just one location where your contacts were… However, then came Myspace. Then Facebook  Then twitter. Then LinkedIn. Then G+. All of these places have contact information too, and guess what? It’s all the same people, but different information. You put your professional contact info in your LinkedIn profile, and your personal in your Facebook. You have ONE Funny quote associated with your contact info in Twitter, and your crazy nickname and personal Cell phone number in Facebook.

I now have at VERY LEAST four entries for some folks in my phone, and all of them have differing information. GOD FORBID they change their number, or get married and change their last name!

Another thing, is that Outlook not only has my “Contact” list, but now it has my “Suggested contacts” as well. And in there, all it has is their email address, and nothing else.

There’s got to be  a single point of management where I can integrate ALL these things into ONE BIG contact database, without having to manually edit everything, sign up and pay monthly fees, or buy plugins to integrate it with tools that have been around for years… I played with a few of them, and NOTHING synchronizes with all of these things for free. So far the best one I’ve used was “Connected”, but NOW it’s “LinkedIn Contacts”. Guess which platform THAT favors now?

I’m sure I can import my Outlook contacts (by first exporting them as a CSV) and then doing the same with my Gmail contacts, and then my Facebook contacts, and twitter contacts, and everything else. I’m sure it’ll say “Hey, looks like you have some duplicates! Wanna merge them?” I’m sure it’ll help me make one big contact database. But then what? I have to export that, and import it into Outlook if I want to be able to email folks. I’m sure it will also ask me to find these people on LinkedIn and connect with them, or invite them if they’re not registered with that email address.

I’m also sure it won’t reach out to the other platforms and update automatically, so when someone changes info on Facebook, my LinkedIn contacts are out of whack. I’m sure it’ll also do EVEN BETTER things for me if I PAY FOR THE PRO version or upgrade my LinkedIn account…

I’m so tired of having multiple contact lists. I’m sick of having duplicate information, and problems with my cell phone merging people with their sons of the same name. Can someone fix this? Someone make something that doesn’t suck that just frickin works, and doesn’t cost me an arm and a leg!

I’m I alone in this frustration??


One thought on “3, 2, 1 Contacts!!

  1. I just have contacts in my phone. facebook? i don’t pay any attention to that aspect. i’m linkedin, but i don’t use it. however, if i lost my phone….i’d be SCREWED :))

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