Lots of Fun Stuff!

I totally, completely, and unforgivably bombed out of the A to Z challenge this year… I mean, totally stopped blogging completely at like, “Q” I think…

I got a little tied up. I’m currently creating a user forum for D&D geeks such as myself and the website package (E107) which I used to use for mattconlon.com just got a HUGE update. MAJOR re-write, and I road that boat.

I upgraded my site, knowing full well there’d be bugs and such, as the release is in ALPHA stage, which comes before BETA… For those of you who don’t follow, it’s when a company releases a product before it’s been fully tested, so that people can play with it, report bugs, etc… It’s a testing stage.

Anyway, the new website package is great, but as expected  it’s got some bugs and such, and I’ve been busy reporting them.

I also beat the Xbox game “Dishonored” which was quite awesome. Since then I’ve also picked up a few other games that I’m excited about, a couple the kids are psyched about, AND I did a ton of yard work over the weekend…

So, it’s not you, it’s me… Things are great though, which I’m glad to report. I even got encouraging information about possibling putting in a window to the part of the attic that I like to call my office. which would bring the total number of windows in that room to 1. Currently there are no windows, there is no heat or cooling, and being right under the roof, it gets very warm on Summer days, and very cold on Winter ones.

Obviously, the window isn’t going to warm up the room on the cold Winter days, but it will afford me the opportunity to open in the Spring and Fall, not to mention put in an air conditioner for the summer.

What else…

Bought a couple new scally caps, which I will post pictures of when I get them, probably this Wednesday.

That’s about it. Nothing incredible, but a lot of little good stuff. 🙂

Hope you’re well. Talk to you again soon.


One thought on “Lots of Fun Stuff!

  1. hey matt! long time no…anything. i was the rainy day wanderer. now i journey south. i like the new look, it’s fun! it twists up my brain to try to understand everything that goes into the technical part of ‘computering’ so i’m impressed! hope to see you around! i’m following via email.

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