Gun Control is Being Able to Hit Your Target – #AtoZChallenge

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Yet another re-post, kinda long for the challenge, and a little serious for me… but read if you would, skip if you like. I still love ya.

First, I should say that I’m really not what you’d call a gun enthusiast. I did recently take a safety class, and I do plan to apply for my permit, but I’m really not interested in collecting or going to gun shows, or what have you. I’ll probably go to the range now and then though.

My problem is though that there are idiots out there who intend to hurt others. Like the Batman gunman, or the kid in CT. These are the people who ruin things for everyone else.

Here’s the thing… Law abiding citizens will go through all the necessary training classes, register their guns, follow the letter of the law, keep their guns safe, etc. However, this system failed in CT. The “law-abiding citizen” in this case made a mistake in having guns available in her house where her troubled son had access to them… AND she took him shooting and taught him about guns… Now. I believe that a parent who owns guns NEEDS to educate those around him or her so that the people around the guns are aware of them, respect them, etc… But I also think that someone who owns guns needs to have a mental evaluation regularly, as well as those in the house with the guns. One person in charge of the guns may not be suitable when there are other people in the house, much less other “troubled” people.

However, making the ownership of guns is not the answer. The majority of gun violence is committed by people who REALLY DON’T GIVE A SHIT what the law says.

Someone who plans on, or has no problem shooting someone regardless of the fact that killing someone is against the law, isn’t going to care if the gun they’re using is registered or not. If the law isn’t going to stop them from using the gun improperly, it’s sure not going to stop them from obtaining it improperly. The only people a gun ban will affect is the law abiding citizens, who then become easy prey.

I’m reminded of something that someone I respect greatly said… When you lock your doors, you’re keeping help out, because if someone wants to break in, they’re going to get in regardless of your door being locked or not. Keeping guns out of the hands of the good guys only results in the good guys not being able to defend themselves against the people who don’t care what the law says.

I’m not saying everyone should have a gun either. I don’t think arming everyone is the answer, like some who oppose my views might suggest.

…by the way, I really hate that… When you express an opinion like “banning guns isn’t the answer” and they say “Oh, yeah, well, ok, we’ll just give a gun to everyone who signs up, that’s a great idea! Where’s the line? Let’s all have rocket launchers! Let’s all make bombs!” … that’s just being an asshole. I never said that.

Just because I say something isn’t the answer isn’t me arguing for the extreme opposite. If I told you I don’t like cold beer, it doesn’t mean I want it boiling.

I DO like cold beer by the way. Though, I really don’t dislike it warm either. …that’s beside the point though.

I’m not suggesting I have all the answers, but I am not comfortable with the idea that someone feels that I (and everyone else) should not be allowed to own a gun, when there are people out there who will get a gun regardless of the law, and possibly point it at me or my family, leaving me with nothing to defend myself or family… A law which I will live by only disarms me, in that scenario.

If you can tell me that nobody will ever point an illegal gun at me, or my family, then I’ll agree. …but you can’t. Nobody can.

So let’s remove all the guns right? Good luck. Make them illegal, they’ll just become more expensive, and harder to find. That doesn’t mean they’re not there, it just means they’re hidden better.

I’m sure you’re sick of hearing this, but when Hitler went into power, the first thing he did was get rid of all the legally owned guns.

“But that’ll never happen again!” right? Well, maybe it won’t, but I’m not comfortable with the idea that it might, leaving me with nothing to defend my self/family but a board with a nail in it.

Now. Assault rifles. Tricky ground here… In a world where we never have to worry about the government deciding to turn the military against the American people the way Hitler used his against the Germans / Jews, no… there’s no reason for me to be able to own an assault rifle. The only purpose for an assault rife is mowing down large numbers of people.

Do we live in such a world? Do you trust the government to that degree? Can you confidently say that no government in the US will ever be allowed to make such a decision? What would stop them? Other people with guns? The threat of nuclear war with… who?? If the US government decided it was in our best interests to put us in camps, and nobody but the bloods, crypts, and drug cartels had guns, who would defend us? Mexico? Canada? Do you not believe you should have the right to defend yourself?

As it stands now, RIGHT now, I see no reason to own an assault rife. My tune will change though if we’re suddenly facing a tyrannical government such as the 1940’s Germans. Or the English prior to that. I’m sure the Native Americans never thought they’d need assault rifles, but you can bet your ass that if they had them, there never would have been reservations, and history would be very different today.

Like it or not, there are guns in this world. There are also idiots. If the latter wants to posses the former badly enough, it will happen, regardless of the law. I’m sure the school administration in CT NEVER thought someone would step into that school with an assault rifle. If the assault rifle wasn’t available, the kid would have done something else… hand guns, a bomb, a car, whatever… The intent was terror, taking an assault rifle out of the equation would have just resulted in a different weapon. Arming the teachers wouldn’t have made a difference, the kid clearly wasn’t afraid of being shot, he shot himself.

I don’t claim to have the right answer, but closing the door on gun ownership only opens the door to let in those who we say CAN have guns, who could betray our trust, or those who would have just come in the window anyway.


13 thoughts on “Gun Control is Being Able to Hit Your Target – #AtoZChallenge

    • Our problem is that our country was founded by British folks who needed to fight off their government, and the foundation was to be such that no citizen should ever fear their government again.

      Can we rest and never fear our government? Who knows. I hope to god, no terrorist groups decide to walk into places where they KNOW there are no guns in the hands of the citizens. It’d be like mowing the lawn.

      Personally, I enjoy the marksmanship of it, it’s really a neat skill, to be honest… Like archery;

  1. I’m not even gonna get into the gun stuff… Just a comment on the idea of locking one’s house. The very definition of burglary includes, “forced entry,” so… if you leave your house unlocked, and a thief can simply walk right in, you have less of a case against them.

    Also, first responders are trained in entering locked premises when need be. It’s not just the “bad guys” who can break into your place.

    I used to do insurance transcription and one of the first questions an insurance adjuster asks when a client reports a break-in is, “was your house locked?” If the crime victim replied with a no, there would be a big sigh from the adjuster…

    Just a couple thoughts!

    visiting from the #AtoZChallenge
    Twitter: @mentalmosaic

    • Heya, thanks for stopping by!!

      Insurance is a whole other ball of wax. Makes me so angry, like not locking my door is the same as inviting trouble. Like… really? How does it work if I have a “No trespassing” sign, but leave the door unlocked?

      Anyway, First responders who can’t walk in the door, may KNOW what to do, but it’s probably going to impede them just a little more, and require some damage to doors / windows or something, and risk them hurting themselves further, etc… Every second counts when they’re running to the rescue.

      Sucks that we can’t just tell idiots to stop being idiots and call it a day. 😦

    • Well Hey to you too! And You’re welcome! Do you have a site of your own you’d like to share? Your comment, except for the A to Z part looks VERY much like spam… Can you confirm you aren’t trying to lure me to a watch replica site or something?? 🙂

    • I love talking to cops, I seem to have a very eye-to-eye view point on this matter.

      It’s only a sensitive subject when the person speaking can’t live and let live. This is my view, feel free to disagree. It’s also my blog, don’t like it, there are plenty of others for your perusal. 🙂

      A gun is a tool. I could just as easily (And FAR more economically and quickly) make a PVC tube fueled by WD40 that propels potatoes at over 200 miles an hour, that would kill just as easily… Which I have, many many many years ago, long before any pvc tube that wasn’t in the ground would get a person locked up. 🙂

      Thanks for stopping in, I’ll be swinging by your blog too!

    • Were the world perfect, the existence of guns wouldn’t matter at all. They could be there, and not be a problem, because everything else was perfect.

      Sans guns, idiots would use something else. They’d fight each other with their gun-eating technology. 🙂

      Thanks for stopping in!

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