Deer in the Headlights – #AtoZChallenge

If you stopped by from the A to Z Challenge, please take a look at my A to Z primer. Thanks!

My approach to posting in this challenge has been to take the letter of the day, sit here, and thing of different words that start with said letter… Naturally I come up with the typical words that most people will come up with, and the words that I know authors will write about like uh…

Alright, well it doesn’t matter. Point here is, I came up with nothing for D. Obviously, there were words I came up with, but no matter how much I thought about “Drought”, “Death”, “Drinking” and so on, I came up with nothing that either is obscurly involved in any of my life stories, is something I really feel like writing about, or is someting I could write about without revealing just a little bit more than I’d like to.

I sat a while here, stareing at my monitor like a deer stares at headlights, and it made me remember a quote from a comedian, who said “Is…Is that… Is that a car? Or two motorcycles??”

Well, much like the deer hoping for two motorcycles, I sat here for long enough that it’s getting too late for me to post anything worth reading… Sorry. 🙂


10 thoughts on “Deer in the Headlights – #AtoZChallenge

    • Heh, same here… Uh, Beer? How do I address you, I never know if it’s Brandon or Bryan! Years ago, before TMZ started mashing up couples names, I’d have called you Bryndan, cause I started that whole mashup thing and they stole it from me.

      It started with just people’s names, like, not couples… I started calling Regis Philban “Philgis Rebman” and such. And then Uma Thurman opened a whole new world to me when I mashed her names into one, and now call her “Thurmumana”.

      But I can’t do it anymore, cause those bozos ruined it.

    • I think I’ve actually got E done already. I did some posts a while ago and saved them… I gotta double check on that though.

      I think historically, I’ve had trouble doing something unique with Q and X… Everyone does Queen and X-ray or xylophpone or Xenophobia…

    • To be honest Unc, “Draught” did come to mind, and I was going to talk about how I noticed many years ago that when I got draught at this one place in Boston, I’d get headaches the next day. I’d written it off as some kind of mini hangover… but then I realized it didn’t happen when I got bottles.

      But I found out that it’s common with some places, that they do not wash the draught nozzles, and bacteria builds up, and lots of bar tenders like to stick the nozzle into the beer as they fill it.

      That did cross my mind as a D word… For some reason I didn’t use it though…

      • Though I no longer drink, I still watch bartenders.
        I have noticed that there are only a few who know how to pull a good draught and even fewer customers who have a clue.
        Back in the day… and maybe it’s still true… the health department here required the taps be clean thoroughly at least every two weeks.
        The beer distributors handled that task quite well.

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