Arlee Bird – #AtoZChallange

Mr. Bird. What’s to say, about Mr. Arlee Bird?

Well, to be honest, I don’t know him so well. Sad, but true. I’ve chatted here and there via blog comments with him, and a couple of times in short emails.

My first experience of our friend was over 3 years ago now, and I can’t for the life of me remember how I came across his blog… Possibly going through the “followers” of my followers, or some such.

I will say, he’s a great tweeter, so if you tweet, follow @ArleeBird. One thing I’ve learned by following him is he tweets a lot of good stuff… Usually accompanied with a link. Don’t be surprised if when you follow the link, you end up at a blog that you’ve never been to before, but that he owns and has been writing for umpteen years. I think he’s got more blogs than Bob Sagat has bad jokes.

For me, there are more questions that surround Mr. Bird than anything else… For example, I learned by emailing him that there is at least one identifier that suggests his name is Jackson and/or Lee… But is it Lee Jackson? or Jackson Lee? And if it’s one of those at all, from whence came “Ar”? Is he part pirate? And still, where then did Bird go?

One can easily see why one of his foremost skills mentioned on his about page is juggling.

I like this though, it adds to the mystery. I hope I never find out which of these monikers is his real name. All I need to know is he set this thing into motion in which we participate today, and he’s a real nice fellow, at least in writing.

Party on, (Ar)Lee / Jackson / Bird. And thank you.

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11 thoughts on “Arlee Bird – #AtoZChallange

  1. Really liked that post about Arlee. <He was quite cool and linked my blog to his forst A-Z news post. I got some serious traffic after that. Like your site too. It's nice to find some blokes in this very female dominated blogosphere! I'm no sexist, but there is only so many craft blogs I can handle.



    Random Stream of Consciousness

  2. Also, I have linked to your blog from my post for C on the A – Z Challenge. Hope you don’t mind.



  3. It makes me dizzy the amount of blogging, commenting, and getting around Arlee does! How does he manage that level of activity?!?! I’m pretty sure there is some sorcery involved!

  4. I am indeed honored by this post. Glad I found it amongst all of the thousands of posts so far. This Challenge is incredible, but at times quite overwhelming. Now let me go like a good bird and tweet this post.

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