Farewell, Bruno. Rest In Peace.

I live in the woods. Here, you either have cats, or you have mice. We chose the former. You may remember a post I did in September 2012, about two of our kittens. Their mother died while they were still very small, and we had to bottle feed them, and clean them constantly.

Most of our cats are rather feral now, and won’t come in except to eat. Bruno and Charlie though, are indoor cats.

Here they are below, a couple of months old. Bruno is on the left, Charlie, the right.

5 7

Having been bottle fed and handled from such an early age, they both were very friendly.

Bruno attached himself to me, and Charlie to my wife. They’d come into the room, jump up on your lap, rub their faces all over your chin.

Bruno had a bit of a drooling problem… He wasn’t the most adept of cats. He frequently misjudged when he jumped, didn’t quite make it up on the couch, never really learned to run when the dominant male cat was around outside… He thought everyone was his friend.

Now that they’re a little older, they’ve started doing things that adult cats do. Laying around a lot more. Not chasing little thingies. …marking their territory… Though Charlie doesn’t, Bruno always would, and I wouldn’t find out until the most inconvenient time, that “his territory today was my hat, or my jacket, or a roll of paper towels.

Bruno liked to jump up on the hood of the car when you got in. I don’t know if he thought he was coming with us, or just wanted to visit, or what… He’d surf on the car for ten or twelve feet before jumping off.

He had some pretty bad gas as a kitten. I’m told it’s common for cats who have been drinking the formula to have gas like that. Bruno’s was pretty terrible. I started calling him Bean-o, and subsequently just “Beans”.

We noticed a few days ago, that he wasn’t around. Any of the other cats, we wouldn’t have thought twice of. Bruno however, was not really equipped for life out doors. I fully believe he would have tried to make friends with a wandering coyote.

In fact, I think he might have.

I found him yesterday, beneath our deck. I’ll spare you the grim details… suffice to say, he was a meal to something. It was getting dark and I didn’t want to go digging in the woods right then, so I covered him over so the girls wouldn’t find him. I struggled for the night, wondering if I should tell my daughters or not. Ashley, my oldest (now 7) speculated that he may have been eaten, but I wasn’t sure how she’d take confirmation of the fact.

The decision turned out not to be in my hands anyway. Ashley found him this morning. I was worried when she told me. It was certainly a somewhat grizzly scene, and he was such a sweet cat. She seems to have taken it well, so far… She’d found Bruno’s mother when she died too. She still talks about her (Abbey) from time to time. She’s happy that at least mother and son are now together. I’ll be watching her though, I’m sure it’ll hit her at some point, when nobody’s expecting it.

Here’s how I prefer to remember my buddy, Beans:

8 9


Always happy. Always cuddly. Always in our hearts.

Goodbye Beans.


7 thoughts on “Farewell, Bruno. Rest In Peace.

  1. So sorry to hear about Bruno. He looks like an absolute sweetheart. Our pets always leave such a hole in our lives when they leave us but you have some beautiful photos and, I’m sure, some wonderful memories of him. As you say, they’re always in our hearts.

    • Thanks for the kind words 🙂 He was a great cat, and such a lovable pet. All he ever wanted was to love and be loved. I think I have more pictures around, I’ll see what I can dig up in the next week or so.

  2. Such a sad story but lovely pictures. Animals always take a piece of you away with them. I guess that’s why we never forget!

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