UPS – We Have a Problem

The following blog post is a direct complaint to UPS. I will be tweeting it to their twitter account, emailing it to their service department, and sending it however else they have available. I will update this post with information as it becomes available.

My wife ordered something and it was shipped via UPS.

I have a history of problems with packages going to my neighbor’s house, or drivers saying “Gosh, nobody was home!” though they never came. I have a large bay window which I frequently sit next to while I work… and I work from home, so I’m here all day. I often have to drive to the facility and pick up my box.

I’m not complaining about this, however. There are many times (probably 70%) where the driver does, in fact come to the house. Sometimes the package is left at the door, which is also fine.

My problem is as follows:



Actually, it was not left at ANYONE’S front door. It was left in my mailbox. Not really such a big deal, except that my mailbox is close to a quarter-mile away from my house.

mbfdSo after searching around the front door, the back door, under the steps, at the garage, we generally start hitting the assorted neighbors houses. Nothing still. I will admit, the house layout is confusing, because I am 1681B, there is a 1681R, and 1681 fell over. To confuse the issue, there’s a house that’s on the same physical road, but the address is Goward, not Bay, and he is 125. So we allow for a certain amount of human error when we complain about deliveries.

We finally did find our package in our mailbox. I realize that “Left in mailbox a quarter-mile from the front door” probably isn’t an option in the status drop down menu, but “Left in mailbox really ought to be.

This would have been not a very big deal, except that the box was jammed into the mailbox so tightly that my wife’s fingernail tore off trying to get it out.

I went to the mailbox for her.

This, I find completely unacceptable. I should not have to wrestle a package out of my mailbox. It should not have been wedged into the box so tightly that it tears fingernails off of otherwise healthy fingers. Had there been glass in the box, it would have been shattered.

I look eagerly forward to hearing back about this. I certainly hope this complaint is not ignored. I do expect to hear back.

***UPDATE 1***

13 minutes after tweeting:

So far so good. And quite fast too.

***UPDATE 2***

I emailed the requested info, and they replied within an hour and a half:

Thank you for reaching out to our team. I have reviewed the link you provided so I can definitely see your concern. I’m very sorry that this happened. I have alerted the management at the local delivery center of how this was improperly delivered and forced into your mailbox. Please let me know if any personal or property damage occurred to you, the package or the mailbox that wasn’t mentioned in your blog. I will have the management at your local delivery center call you back within one hour to address this with you. Also be aware we are here if any issues arrives with deliveries in the future.

That reply was at 3:38pm yesterday. I have not yet heard from anyone, (it’s currently 11:32am the following day – Thursday) though neither have I reached out again yet, either…

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4 thoughts on “UPS – We Have a Problem

  1. That was just laziness on the part of the UPS driver. So sorry your wife INJURED herself trying to remove it. Good thing you thought to take a photo:) I would have just pulled it out and then said to self, “You should have taken a picture of that.” Duh.

  2. Well… I never heard back, even though I gave them my cell number… Although I’m not really out for blood or anything, a “Hey, we’re chiding the driver now” message would have been nice…

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