Ten Things That Boggle My Mind

Lately things have been hectic in my life, and my mind has been consumed with things I’d rather not publicly broadcast on the blog, hence my relative absence. I’ll pretend you missed my ramblings here to stroke my own ego, and apologize for the massive disappointment you must be feeling. So… sorry.

I felt though, that I’ve been considering a bunch of things that bother me, and thought I’d share. You know, cause nothing helps irritation like spreading it around. Once again, small things that drive me bananas. whining about these things won’t make it go away of course, but I think it’ll bring me some measure of comfort.

1. I’m easily distracted by small things (as you may have noticed) and even more-so by things that don’t seem to bother other people, or go unnoticed at all. I end up thinking “why does this not bother everyone?”. So I ask you: Why do actors on TV and in movies NOT say goodbye to folks on the phone?

I’ve talked to people on the phone before, and there have been conversations that have ended with simple transfer of information / sentiments only, but they’ve never been happy conversations.

I will admit however, some of my more favorable telephone encounters were brief. I hate being on the phone, so making telephone conversations as brief as possible is a great idea in my book… but even those discussions were ended with a “see ya” at least.

I did some googling, and apparently the reason is that the directors are “painfully aware of the ADD of their watchers”. I quote that, cause that’s exactly what it said. I’d give you a link, but I didn’t take it down, nor do I care to go looking again. Google is free, check it out for yourself. 😉

So, in the interest of keeping the attention of one group, they omit something small that bothers the crap out of another group. …or at least, just me. I guess they must have known that I’d be self-aware enough to know that these slights against my particular OCD in this case is dumb, and continuously dismiss my complaint, and continue to watch… where as “goodbye” would trigger the “go away” impulse in a bunch of other people.

I’m not alone here, right??

The rest of my rant is fairly brief, so don’t be afraid that 1 of 10 was around 450 words…

2) Why is it that you can say “This isn’t important” and “I won’t do that.” Why then must we say “I am not going to do this”, as opposed to “I amn’t going to do this.” Why isn’t amn’t a word??

Further… isn’t = is not. can’t = can not. Doesn’t = does not. wouldn’t = would not… What the hell is won’t?? wo not??

3) I hate the way people pronounce the name “Eric”. It’s Eh (as in ever) and ric” as in Rick… It’s not AIRic. Have you noticed people say AIRic? It’s not airic. It’s Eric.

4) Mirror… It’s two syllables. Mih-ror. Mirror. It’s not MEER.

5) There is no such thing as a mute point. It’s moot.

6) Seeing things out of the corner of your eye uses peripheral vision. It’s PER IF ER AL. Not PER If REE AL.


8) I know irregardless is a word, but I want people to stop using it. It’s dumb. Means the same thing as regardless and it’s harder to say. So cut it out.

9) Supposedly. not suh pose a blee.

10) There are NO M’s in “sandwich”.


10 thoughts on “Ten Things That Boggle My Mind

  1. Love your list. Our language is deteriorating. Hence the lack of goodbyes on the phone…among other things. Eventually people are going to actually speak like they text. It will be all LOL, IDK, ROFLMAO, and if you don’t know the abbreviations, you will be screwed. I will spend half my time asking someone, “What did they just say?” Yeah. Like that. Fun times.

    I don’t know if you were seriously asking or just noting absurdity… won’t = will not. I suppose that they thought willn’t sounded dumb and went the other way. You have to admit they have a point. It does sound dumb.

    • You’re not wrong there… however, I would contend that if we said it often enough, it wouldn’t sound so dumb.

      Further, if you pick some words we use all the time, and say them over and over, and think about how they sound… they all kinda sound dumb after a while.

      poodle. poodle… poodle..

      Much. Much. Much…

      Dumpster. Hippo.

  2. I’d also like to include the tragic and gross misuse of “literally”. People that use “literally” as a form of hyperbole have used the word in the *exact* opposite of it’s meaning. For example: “There were literally a million people at my house party last night!”

    “You keep using that word…I do not think it means what you think it means”

  3. So many things I can comment on! But, let me focus, briefly, on number 8…

    It *may* have something to do with flammable and inflammable – two other words that SHOULD have opposite definitions, but are, in fact, synonyms. Why is that? I have no idea.

  4. So…the first one…they only do it in the movies or shows when they are faking the call. Have you noticed that?

    I am a “meer” saying person…I blame Jersey.

    And finally…the word sandwich bothers. I feel like nothing with the word “sand” would be appetizing so it’s a sub, hoagie or hero.

  5. Another late comment…

    I believe amn’t is not a word because it is awkward to pronounce – there are too many sequential consonants. Pronunciation would change quickly. Perhaps it is the distant ancestor of the non-word “ain’t?” Perhaps it is related to the irregularity of the verb “to be,” and the first person singular form?

    As for the inconsistent contraction “won’t” – its first known use was in 1562 ( http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/won't ), which was during the Great Vowel Shift ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Great_Vowel_Shift ). I suspect the words “won’t” and “will” sounded much more similar in the 16th century than they do in modern times.

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