How (and Why) To Delete Your Instagram and Facebook Accounts

Instagram changed their privacy policy in a move that would allow them not only to share your pictures, but OWN them… and thus sell them without even telling you, much less give you a cut of the profits.

This is not OK in my book… so I deleted my account. Do it before January 1st, which is when the policy goes into effect.

Here’s the scary thing, Facebook owns Instagram. Recently I read a story about Facebook polling the users about changes to their policies. If a certain percentage of Facebook users voted against it, they would not go through with it. Not surprisingly, only a fraction of the necessary user needed to veto the change even voted at all. Policy changed without a hitch. Could they be testing the waters to see if a change in policy like this would be simple to do at I say probably…

There have been jokes “Oh no, not the pictures of my breakfast!” as some folks use it just to goof around… But the sale of pictures of my family does not sit well with me, and that’s even if I WERE getting paid for it…

I got several requests on how to delete your instagram account… Here it is.

Before deleting your account, go to, sign into it with your instagram account, and download all your pictures, so you won’t lose anything. Now you can blow it all away.

Go to and sign in as normal. Then click “Your Account”. 1-login

Make sure you have “Edit Profile” selected, and click “I’d like to delete my account.”


Be sure to tell them why. Select “Privacy Concerns” so they know why they’re losing users.


Put in your password, and click “Permanently deactivate my account”.


Now confirm that you know what you’re doing, by clicking “OK”.


You will now get confirmation that your account has been deleted.



I have already deleted my Instagram account, but I’m not quite sure about deleting my Facebook yet… I probably will with everything that’s changing.

Here’s how you delete your Facebook account before they start stealing your stuff as well:

Click the little down arrow up at the top right of your Facebook page, to the right of your name, and the “Home” button. Go to “Account Settings”.


First thing you’ll want to do is download a copy of all your data. This is everything you’ve ever done on Facebook, and you may not care about the status updates, but this will get your all your pictures and videos, just in case they don’t exist anywhere else.


Start the archive

3-startarchive 4-confirmarchive

When your archive is done, they’ll email you with a link to download it. I personally have copies of everything I’ve ever uploaded, so I wouldn’t bother with this step. If you’re not sure if you have everything, better safe than sorry!


Once you get your archive, go into the “Security” setting of your account, as shown, and click “Deactivate your account”.

Now, I have no further screenshots as I have not yet deactivated my account… Although looking at it now, I’m bothered by the fact that it doesn’t say “delete my account” or “delete my content.” I’ve known folks to remove themselves from Facebook in the past, only to come back again, so their content was never deleted… Perhaps it’s too late to protect your stuff?

Still though, the process is probably pretty similar to instagram, confirm you want to deactivate, tell them why, etc…


Again… I’m still on Facebook for the moment, though I’m leaning toward leaving. If you know me only through Facebook and want to keep in touch, I recommend signing up for email updates through this site and commenting on posts…. If that’s not your style, you can email me at matthewconlon at gmail dot com.

For the time being you can message me through Facebook… I’ll let you all know a couple of days in advance before I delete my account.

UPDATE: Apparently my information on the start date was false. The change goes into effect on January 16th. Read the policy here:

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8 thoughts on “How (and Why) To Delete Your Instagram and Facebook Accounts

  1. This is turning into a debacle for Instagram. The fury expressed on Twitter, G+, blogs, etc. won’t be ignored. I fully expect an announcement from them stating that the policy of selling and/or using your photos in ads will be optional, and allow you to opt out. I’m staying put for now, at least until the January 1 date is closer.

  2. Not no Insta-whatever, but I am on Facebook. If you decide to go off of there, I’ll probably follow suit. You know more about such things than I do. And I have no desire to have anything of mine owned by someone else.

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