How (and Why) To Delete Your Instagram and Facebook Accounts

Instagram changed their privacy policy in a move that would allow them not only to share your pictures, but OWN them… and thus sell them without even telling you, much less give you a cut of the profits.

This is not OK in my book… so I deleted my account. Do it before January 1st, which is when the policy goes into effect.

Here’s the scary thing, Facebook owns Instagram. Recently I read a story about Facebook polling the users about changes to their policies. If a certain percentage of Facebook users voted against it, they would not go through with it. Not surprisingly, only a fraction of the necessary user needed to veto the change even voted at all. Policy changed without a hitch. Could they be testing the waters to see if a change in policy like this would be simple to do at I say probably…

There have been jokes “Oh no, not the pictures of my breakfast!” as some folks use it just to goof around… But the sale of pictures of my family does not sit well with me, and that’s even if I WERE getting paid for it…

I got several requests on how to delete your instagram account… Here it is.

Before deleting your account, go to, sign into it with your instagram account, and download all your pictures, so you won’t lose anything. Now you can blow it all away.

Go to and sign in as normal. Then click “Your Account”. 1-login

Make sure you have “Edit Profile” selected, and click “I’d like to delete my account.”


Be sure to tell them why. Select “Privacy Concerns” so they know why they’re losing users.


Put in your password, and click “Permanently deactivate my account”.


Now confirm that you know what you’re doing, by clicking “OK”.


You will now get confirmation that your account has been deleted.



I have already deleted my Instagram account, but I’m not quite sure about deleting my Facebook yet… I probably will with everything that’s changing.

Here’s how you delete your Facebook account before they start stealing your stuff as well:

Click the little down arrow up at the top right of your Facebook page, to the right of your name, and the “Home” button. Go to “Account Settings”.


First thing you’ll want to do is download a copy of all your data. This is everything you’ve ever done on Facebook, and you may not care about the status updates, but this will get your all your pictures and videos, just in case they don’t exist anywhere else.


Start the archive

3-startarchive 4-confirmarchive

When your archive is done, they’ll email you with a link to download it. I personally have copies of everything I’ve ever uploaded, so I wouldn’t bother with this step. If you’re not sure if you have everything, better safe than sorry!


Once you get your archive, go into the “Security” setting of your account, as shown, and click “Deactivate your account”.

Now, I have no further screenshots as I have not yet deactivated my account… Although looking at it now, I’m bothered by the fact that it doesn’t say “delete my account” or “delete my content.” I’ve known folks to remove themselves from Facebook in the past, only to come back again, so their content was never deleted… Perhaps it’s too late to protect your stuff?

Still though, the process is probably pretty similar to instagram, confirm you want to deactivate, tell them why, etc…


Again… I’m still on Facebook for the moment, though I’m leaning toward leaving. If you know me only through Facebook and want to keep in touch, I recommend signing up for email updates through this site and commenting on posts…. If that’s not your style, you can email me at matthewconlon at gmail dot com.

For the time being you can message me through Facebook… I’ll let you all know a couple of days in advance before I delete my account.

UPDATE: Apparently my information on the start date was false. The change goes into effect on January 16th. Read the policy here:

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Should Women get Equal Pay? Uh, Yes? Duh…

Why are we still dealing with this? It’s 2012, for crying out loud, and we’re still paying women differently based on the fact that they’re women? I don’t understand the logic… There’s a job to be done… if it gets done properly, who cares who does it? What’s it worth to get that job done? The answer shouldn’t be “Well, is it being done by a women or a man?” I don’t care if it’s done by a transgendered gila monster if the results are good.

I can’t swear to the accuracy of this info-graphic, but there are references at the bottom. If you wanna follow each and verify, go nuts.


Infographic Provided by:

Am I off base here? Should this make sense? Is there something I’m not understanding? What are your thoughts?


Memories of Nintendo

I was very young when Nintendo hit the scene in 1985. I don’t remember when I got mine, but in 85, I was six years old. I THINK I bought mine when I was nine or ten…

That’s right, I said “I bought mine”. I saved my allowance, $5 a week until I had enough to buy it. It took me a long time, and I remember stuffing those five dollar bills into an empty coffee can, until it was practically bursting.

Stop doing the math, it’s only around 24 five dollar bills back then, so no, the can wasn’t bursting… Just indulge me here. These memories are over twenty years old, I have to put some polish on them.

I played some serious Nintendo in my life, and it’s incredible the things I picked up from these video games that most people still know today. Anyone who played Nintendo knows Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right B, A, Select, Start. I still contend that the first “Final Fantasy” was the best of the bunch too. …how many FINAL fantasies can there be? Not very final, are they, I think they’re up to like, 16 or something…

Anyway, I was emailed by a nice young lady who asked if I’d be interested in sharing an info-graphic about Nintendo. I told her I’d love to see it, and just poking through it, a flood of memories came in!

So whether you played Nintendo, or not, this information is pretty amazing!

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Practicality Wins

There are many good arguments in favor of going the extra mile, or spending the extra dollar in the interest of aesthetics. I can appreciate when someone has done a good job designing a room, or paining something, or the craftsmanship of a piece of furniture or other wood work. I love older architecture, for example. Walking through Boston, you can tell which buildings are the older ones, cause the new ones look like giant glass blocks. The old ones though, they have character. I forget what it’s called, exactly, but I love those formed-concrete thingies they put over windows, and the mouldings along the top ledge. People just don’t bother anymore, and I find that to be a shame.

Beyond those things which you can (or HAVE to) see, I’m much more in favor or leaning toward practicality. While designs and details are nice, if nobody is ever going to see them, why bother? Who cares if it’s ugly, if it works well? Especially if while making it work better, it’s made even a little uglier still?

One example of practicality over aesthetics was the Christmas tree stand that we had while I was growing up. My father worked in a machine shop doing whatever the scientists at the M.I.T. Magnet lab needed him to do. Machining parts and pieces and such. He made a Christmas tree stand out of 1-1/2″ thick cast iron. It was ugly. Reddish-brown. The sleeve into which you’d slide the tree trunk had three lag bolts which you had to go find the adjustable wrench to tighten. The damned thing was so heavy, I couldn’t move it until I was about 15, and even then it was difficult. None of our Christmas trees ever fell though, and like I say, who cares? It was under the tree, wrapped in a tree skirt. Ugly and inconvenient, but it got the job done by no small margin, and nobody ever saw it.

That stand was so ridiculously practical, it’s my favorite example. But the reason I bring this up is because of a money clip I saw while I was on a shuttle to the air port in Philly this past weekend.

Now, I have always liked money clips. I always thought they were pretty cool, cause when you’re robbed, you’re told to hand over your wallet. Thus, I do not keep money in my wallet, I just stuff it into my pocket. I’ve had a few money clips over the years, but generally they’ve been pretty cheap,(as far as money clips go!) and they’ve always lost their springiness, and the money would fall out anyway. Then I would just be carrying around a useless piece of cheap metal in my pocket with my money.

This weekend, I saw a fellow reach into his pocket and withdraw a small stack of various cards, a little bit of money, and it was all bound together with a binder clip.

I was blown away by how practical this was!! I couldn’t believe I had never even considered this! My jaw kinda slackened and I pointed at it. When the guy looked at me like “Dude, what?” I said “That’s freaking brilliant! WHY have I never seen that before? Why didn’t I think of that?? That’s genius!”

The guy laughed, and said he typically got made fun of for it. Another guy on the bus said “I know I’m changing to one of those when I get home.” We traded stories of money clips from the past that stopped working, or even cracked (it was silver) and so on.

So bloody obvious, these clips, and I simply never even thought about doing that with my cards and money and such. And for the price of a real money clip, you could get probably get several boxes! And the spring on these things is pretty tough to wear out… and if you do, who cares, you got more!

How bout you, are you fan of function over beauty? Do you have anything you think is perfect for the job, yet nobody seems to agree?

Very Punny!

I have always, and probably always will love puns. I think a solid pun is likely my favorite form of humor. I just don’t understand why folks will groan and make “kill me now” jokes when they hear them.

So first, I’d like to introduce you to thirty of my favorites.

  1. Electrician charged with removing a man’s shorts.
  2. Corduroy pillows are making headlines all over the world
  3. I had a great joke about a boomerang, but I forgot it… Don’t worry, it’ll come back to me.
  4. The hyena was angry that the airline only allowed him one carrion.
  5. I asked the app store if it could make fire. It told me “Sorry, no matches”.
  6. I heard a bunch of sewing jokes today. They were string seamlessly together.
  7. A short fortuneteller who escapes from prison is a small medium at large.
  8. Time flies like arrows. Fruit flies like bananas.
  9. The creator of McAfee is wanted for murder. The trial will last 30 days.
  10. Hungry plants like light snacks.
  11. A math teacher bought a house. His wife cosined on the lease.
  12. I wondered why the baseball looked like it was getting bigger… Then it hit me!
  13. Knowing sign language is pretty handy.
  14. Did you hear about the guy whose whole left side was cut off? He’s all right now.
  15. I always wanted to learn how to juggle, but I never had the balls.
  16.  I’d like to call the cops on my three year old for resisting a rest.
  17. The boat store had a sale on paddles. One clerk said it was quite an oar deal.
  18. I tried writing with a broken pencil, but it was pointless.
  19. I am inclined to be laid back.
  20. Cartoonist found dead. Details are sketchy at best.
  21. The frustrated cannibal threw up his hands.
  22. Cannibals don’t eat clowns cause they taste funny.
  23. He said I was average, but I think he was just being mean.
  24. I thought I was injured when I broke my finger, but on the other hand I was okay.
  25. Two silk worms had a race. they ended up in a tie.
  26. I read a book about a small garden. There wasn’t much of a plot.
  27. A hole was found in the fence at a nudist colony. Police are looking into it.
  28. a piano fell down a mine shaft, resulting in a-flat minor.
  29. Cross-eyed teachers can’t control their pupils.
  30. I used to practice archery, but it has too many drawbacks.
Got any good puns? Share em in the comments!
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LinkedIn: Someone Has Endorsed You!

I signed up at LinkedIn years ago, and have used it to keep in touch with contacts I have worked with or knew professionally over the years. Some folks with whom I have connected I knew briefly, some I’ve known for a long time.

A month or three ago I started getting email from LinkedIn saying “So-and-so has endorsed you for the following skills” and then it lists some of the things I claim to know something about on my profile. When it first happened, I went to “So-and-so’s” page, and endorsed them right back. I figure someone named So-and-so could use all the positive reinforcement they could get, you know?

I thought it was pretty awesome that this person logged into LinkedIn and took the time to go to my page, review my skills, and say “Yep, he’s not lying. He knows about Microsoft Windows Server.” Stand up guy, that So-and-so! I’ll kill him last. (Disclaimer: Obviously I’m not killing anybody… I just like to say that. Even if I were elected supreme overlord and dictator for life, I wouldn’t kill So-and-so. …I’d have someone else do it.)

Over the next couple of days, I got more endorsements, and some were from people I hadn’t talked to in a while. “Gee,” I thought… “I didn’t realize they still cared!” I mozied on over to their pages, and returned the favor. Another couple days went by and the endorsements continued to pour in, until I got one from someone I never actually knew. I don’t even recall connecting to this person. Then later, I got an endorsement from someone I knew only barely, and don’t recall ever talking about work at all, much less the thing for which she endorsed me.

I got curious, and logged into my LinkedIn account directly, instead of clicking the endorser’s profile link that comes in the email. At the top of the page was four people listed… I took a picture here. I have blanked out their names, but I didn’t edit the pictures of their faces at all.

It all makes sense now.

I will admit, I was a little disappointed. Nobody was going to my page to actively seek out something nice to say about how my skills have benefited them in the past. In fact, I very well just could have been one of the four faces who showed up on there, and in the interest of getting that page out of their way, they could have just hit “Endorse all 4”.

Very clever, LinkedIn. Not only did you trick me into thinking someone gave a rat’s ass about my Active Directory skills, but you got me to go to their page, and actually THINK about my relationship with that person, and say something nice. Of course, they probably just think they showed up on my page with an easy “Endorse All” button… Which frankly I find to be worthless. If I were looking at someone’s page, considering them for employment, their endorsements would mean absolutely nothing to me. Recommendations, yes. These little traffic-generating schemes of yours, LinkedIn… No.

There’s a seriously strong urge burning in my gut to answer some of these “Does this guy know about” questions in a smart ass manner… Do he know about submittals? I’m sure he does… Who doesn’t? If he doesn’t know exactly what they are, I’m sure he’s aware they exist, or heard the word.

Does angry-face know about feasibility studies? I could probably figure it out if I examined some information, but it sounds possible.

Does blue eyes know about Adobe Creative Suite? She’s in marketing and graphic design, so I’m sure she’s aware it exists. Does she use it well? Who knows, not me… But the question is “does she know about it.” I’m comfortable saying yes, she’s knows about it. Possible recruiters will be happy to know that I think she’s aware of it. She probably knows about constellations, and the bird flu, and coronal mass ejections too.

This whole endorsement thing seems like nothing more than LinkedIn trying to figure out how to get people to come back to their page and see what’s going on, and hopefully click an advertisement or two. I do not see how these endorsements could possibly help anyone professionally, since they’re so trivially awarded. “Click this button to have an email show up in the other person’s inbox with your name on it, and increase the chance that you’ll get an email with theirs.”

I’ve decided not to endorse anyone, and wait for this fad to pass. In my opinion, it’s little more than a spam-generating ploy by LinkedIn to increase web traffic, and hopefully gain more money from people clicking on ads from their site.

Do you “endorse all four” when you go to your LinkedIn page?

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