Poor Selena Gomez

I’m not going to be answering any questions on why I had this post in my news stream, so don’t bother, but I really felt like I needed to make some smart ass comments about it.

First, I blanked out the name of the person who made the remark I thought was asinine, as well as the rest of the comments, cause although some were worthy of making fun of, it’s late, and I don’t feel like it.

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That comment is what’s wrong with the youth of America, and I’m hoping that the commenter IS actually a youth, because if that’s a full grown adult, someone needs a poke in the eye.

Before you get all “You’re Mean” first, understand: I know this. Second, for God’s sake, they’re what, 18?? Of course they’re going to have relationship problems, and frankly, in case you’re one of those press people, I really don’t care who she’s dating. I don’t care who HE is dating either.

But… prayer? Because the press is speculating about her relationship status?? PRAYER? You know what, she should be praying and THANKING whatever god she can get in touch with that the press gives a rat’s ass to begin with.

Those of us who don’t have the press speculating on our relationship status frequently have conversations that go like this: “Hey, how are you?” “Oh, not bad… Busy!” “Well, that’s a good problem to have.”

Pray for world peace. Pray for the end of famine. Pray for the safe return of America’s sons and daughters. Pray for the peace of mind one needs after loosing a child in war. Pray for victims of hurricanes, tornadoes, Earth quakes, grizzly murders, rapes, child abductions… Hell, identity theft, auto-theft, grand theft, petty theft, assault and battery, domestic abuse, the list of shit to pray before praying for a celebrity because the press is speculating about relationship status, is bloody endless!

Of all the things that are wrong with the world, there are plenty of things to pray for before that. That commenter either has her priorities SMURFED, is 12, or spends the ENTIRE WEEKEND praying for everything on her list, in order to get through everything else that’s more important than whether or not Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber are dating or broken up.

Okay, I feel better now. Not sure why, but I read that, and it was such a quick little comment, short read, probably just a gesture, but it was like a butterfly that landed on top of … a… bunch of… something, that all started landsliding down this hill, and picking up velocity, etc… I’m sure you psychoanalysts out there can dig around in my thoughts there and come up with a bunch of other crap I’m upset about that I don’t even know which came out as a wrath on that ridiculous comment, and feel free to if you like. Either way, I’m good now.

I wish them both well, but I’m not likely to drop a line to the big guy about it. I’m sure he’s got enough things on his mind.

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6 thoughts on “Poor Selena Gomez

  1. This reminds me of a Press Conference that Justin Timberlake was holding some years ago (this one actually made the news, as I was NOT watching that conference)

    Media: Justin, can you comment on Brittany’s relationship with [whogivesaratsass]?
    Justin: Yeah…there’s a war going on in the middle east.

    I thought that was awesome (and be warned: I paraphrase it here).

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