My True Brew Porter Bastardization

I thought I’d post a follow up to my post about my experiments with the True Brew Porter kit I bought a month or two ago.

If you’ll recall I bought a kit cause I had nothing else to do, and I haven’t amassed all the equipment I need to brew all grain yet. I got home, and wanted to mess around with the brew, so I added a cup of molasses to the boil. A few days later, I added some brown sugar and honey to the fermentation. And then I added some more honey a couple of days later.

I was a little worried about bottle bombs, but I had no problems.

The beer itself is a little unbalanced, as I didn’t add any hops, which I think I will next time. It’s strong, I forgot to get hydrometer readings, but I would wager it’s around 8% or 9%.

It pours like a porter should dark brown, and a thick brown head. You can taste a little of the alcohol heat, but it’s not over powering. Nicely carbonated, gives a good belch, which we all know is terribly important!

All in all, I like it. It’s gotten me eager to try something new again, but unfortunately right now, I’m short on funds, and I’m out of fermenters, my carboy and my bucket are currently filled with cider and mead respectively.

One thing I was not entirely prepared for, was the gastrointestinal pyrotechnics that came from this… Evidentally, the live yeast likes to screw with your belly. As a guy, and a work-from-home person, really wasn’t a big deal. I thought it funny for the most part… But I did some reading, people say the first year of drinking home brew is like that, as your body gets used to it…

Should be interesting.


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