Windows 8

Being an IT professional, I (via my company’s Microsoft Partnership) have access to Windows 8 Professional. I downloaded it the night before last, and in a wine-soaked haze, I dual booted my computer. I woke the next morning, surprised to find that I didn’t screw anything up. I still had the ability to boot to Windows 7 if necessary, but also had Windows 8. Sigh of relief.

I worked within Windows 8 for the first half of the day, and found it enough like Windows 7 that I could get my job done with very little learning curve. So at lunch, I decided to blow away the dual boot, and just upgrade to Windows 8 completely.

If you’re not much of a Software monkey, which I am, it’s going to take some getting used to. I took a short video of the things you can expect to have trouble with.


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