Scotch, Bourbon, and Me

I used to say that I’m probably one of the only Irishmen you’ll ever meet who doesn’t much care for potatoes or whiskey. These days, that statement is no longer valid, as I’ve found that I actually do kinda like whiskey. Well, so far, it’s just a few kinds of scotch that I’ve enjoyed.

Like with anything, once I find that I like it, I want to learn more about it, as you may remember my adventures into the brewing of beer, which I really DO enjoy, and DO plan on getting back into… The thing about beer though, aside from the fact that yes, I do love it and consider myself a beer snob is that when you’re looking for a buzz, you (or at least *I*) have to drink a relatively large amount of carb-laden liquid. You have to pee a lot, burp a lot and feel bloated later, etc… Which, let’s be honest, I don’t really mind… But in the interest of getting more effect from less substance, and not turning to opiates, I decided to give whiskey a try again.

More than all that though, I’ve always liked the smell of it. I always thought it smelled sweet like apple juice. It’s one of the few food products that don’t taste anything like it smells, at least the first time you taste it…

I was told once some years ago when expressing my distaste for whiskey, that perhaps I just wasn’t “sour enough yet”, and that it may come with age. Perhaps that’s what’s happened, I guess.

Tonight, I am going to a scotch and bourbon tasting, hosted by a fellow who owns a package store nearby. It’s one of those invite only sort of deals. This all precipitated from a side trip I took to his store while looking to buy some cider, which I was doing for field research… you see, I wanted to try (and WILL! I swear it!) brewing cider, cause fundamentally, I thought it sounded easier than beer… get some cider, drop in some yeast, right? There’s a little more that goes into it, of course… But I wanted to find out what different kinds tasted like in order to figure out how I wanted to go about making it etc… anyway… I was poking through the scotch area, as I’d had a couple kids that my father in law used to drink, and found them interesting.

The owner happened to be there, and we started talking. A couple minutes later, he’d produce three half-drunk bottles of a few different scotches, and I was tasting. He’d put me on a fairly short mailing list for his scotch news letter, and tonight will be the first such tasting I will attend.

Looking very forward to it, because this stuff isn’t exactly cheap. I’d hate to spend $40 or more on a bottle of something that I ultimately find I do not like.

What are your thoughts on scotch or whiskey? Do you like it? If not, what’s your favorite drink?


6 thoughts on “Scotch, Bourbon, and Me

  1. I used to think about scotch or all kinds of spirits a lot… beer, too… and wine. It seemed that when I was around there was never quite enough.That said: Single Malt, Sour Mash, and Extra Añejo with salt and lime

  2. I must say Whiskey is my poison of choice. I think the reason why i like it besides the great taste is that I can do with far less much better than beer or wine. Its rare that i’ll have more than two drinks of it and I’d have enjoyed them a great deal without that dreadful inebriated feeling.All that being said, I do like some wine to, my favourite is Chardonnay varietybtw: I love to visit your new blog

  3. There are times when I do think that I’d like to be a drinker (like when you get that call from the school about a kid). I have been looking into beers and wines for a while now, but just don’t want to take that step (too much alcoholism in my family, and I’m nothing if not a coward!).Whiskey is another drink that I’ve found has an interesting history and culture. I’ll be interested to hear how the tasting goes.

  4. You know, I’ve tried *really hard* to like whiskey, but I just can’t get past the taste. Maybe I’ve yet to find the right one for me, who knows?As far as what I *like* to drink, I’ll go for a beer any day, as long as it doesn’t have words like “Light” or “Lite” in the name. I’m also a fan of red wine. I recently discovered tempranillo wines from Spain, but also like merlot, shiraz and zinfandel – basically the drier reds. For liquor, I love vodka, primarily in a dirty martini. I can’t stand Absolut, Grey Goose or other Scandinavian or French vodkas. I’ve found that the Russians do it the best. Stolichnaya is my favorite.

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