Train of thought derailed

The last time I posted something during a moment of time where I normally wouldn’t have thought about posting, it turned out amusing. Here, I find myself in yet another situation where posting a blog entry doesn’t sound like something one would do, so… Here I go.

I’m not certain whether it’s lack of sleep, as last night was a very late night, and this morning started quite early, or the levels of coffee that I’ve had today to counterbalance, but my mind is wandering without my permission, and it’s got a habit of wandering very far away from me. I can only hope it’s leaving a trail of bread crumbs.

Four times I tried to read an email sent to me earlier, and four times I failed. The email was: “Tomorrow is Friday, and I’ll be away next week. I’d like to get a few things before I leave, but I don’t know if i’ll get the chance. Maybe I’ll stop at Walmart.”

Not a very complicated email. My attempts went like this:

1) “Tomorrow is Friday…” Goddamn right it us. My wife works tomorrow, I’ll have to figure out something to do for dinner. God only knows what’ll be a good choice, my oldest daughter is finicky lately. I’ll have to figure out what to feed the baby shortly too… Not as easy as it was a month ago when she’d just eat whatever slop you spooned up out of a jar, but since we introduced little finger foods, she only wants to feed herself. Just like her older sister, I guess who decided once she tried real food that she was done with baby food. We ended up giving away about a case of jar food. Some of that stuff was nasty smelling, like the beef-whatever one that smelled like Dintey Moore Beef stew… Which I also don’t like. My wife does though. And actually she liked that baby food too, come to think of it. …ew…

*ahem* back to that email.

2) “Tomorrow is Friday…” Ok, that’s where I left off last time… “And I’ll…” away… next … no, I’ll BE away next week. I haven’t been away in a while.

3) “tomorrow is Friday…” Ok, got it. “and I’ll BE away next week…” I wonder how many weeks he gets… Took me years to get more than 2 weeks. As it is, I get 3 weeks of paid time off to divide between sick and vacation time. I… GRR…

4)”Tomorrow…” …I’m staring at the words, and my brain is not absorbing. Let’s try this again later…

As I sit here now, although I am able to type in a straight line (which I credit to being able to type just about as fast as I talk, and for no other reason even closely resembling mental clarity) I find that my eyes are moving slowly, and my head feels like there’s a low buzz, like when a fluorescent bulb sorta half-burns out. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…

Have you ever felt… oh, look, I have an email… wonder who it’s from…


3 thoughts on “Train of thought derailed

  1. A bit late in posting a comment … But I am like that all the time. I have the worlds shortest attention span next to the goldfish and it drives not only myself nuts … But pretty much everyone I know. My mind wonders pretty much all the time.

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