Lucky Number 13

For most, 13 is a number associated with a great deal of superstition. For my family, it’s a lucky number!

When I was born in 1979, the youngest of my brothers was 13. When I was 13, his first son was born. When his first son was 13, my first daughter was born.

A few years back, my mother in law hit for a decent (not incredible, but considerable) sum of money at Foxwoods on Friday the 13th. (Don’t bother calling, it’s long gone!)

Tuesday night, my wife and I were going to bed, and her water broke. We didn’t know what to think though, cause it wasn’t a rush of water like you see in the movies, just a trickle, and she was only in week 34. We went to the hospital anyway and when we got there, they put us in examination room 13. I knew the baby was coming at that point, and turns out I was right.

After the initial exam, we were sent to wait in room 5013.

I think it’s safe to say, the number 13 will always be my lucky number.


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