Writing by hand

Ok, so it should be “as *I* poke, and later, it says “FLICK” of the wrist… I know what it looks like, but no.

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11 thoughts on “Writing by hand

  1. This notebook can, however, burst into flames and the information contained within lost forever. Good call on archiving the picture of your writing electronically.And yes, I miss it too. I’ve started scribbling in my notebooks again. Writer’s Cramp comes on far too quickly nowadays.

  2. There certainly are cons to pen and paper! Still sometimes I enjoy doing things the old way, simply to do things the old way. With writing, you record your thoughts, but you also do it in a much more purely unique way. Thanks for the follow! 😀

  3. I started writing by hand again this weekend Matt because I’ve been missing it. I went to the extend of buying myself a little girls diary thing because I could find the right size notebook that would have enough pages without being cumbersome. Its interesting to me that you write in caps right through…is this the most common type of writing on your side. 🙂

  4. Heya Wendy! Good for you getting that diary thing! I have always gravitated toward college ruled spiral bound notebooks, but inevitably the spiral binding gets all bent and screwy… drives me nuts! I’ve been writing in all caps now since probably 1994. Not sure why I started, but I have SUCH a hard time going back to lowercase, unless I’m typing. It made trouble for me in High School German class, cause they capitalize all nouns when writing. It’s also tough on my daughter who is learning to read and write… I have to keep reverting back to lowercase, and I always mess up! But yeah, I changed the font on my website, cause it looks more like how I write in real life. I was psyched when I found that it was available. 🙂

  5. I believe writing by hand develops discipline, in a linguistic sense. By that I mean one’s ability to choose the right word, ensure your spelling is correct, and all those other traits that constitute “good writing.” But then again, this belief just might be the Ol’ Fart within me.

  6. Swishy! Sadly the funds won’t allow any new fun gizmos. I’ve started carrying an A5 notebook – spiral so I know what you mean about the twisty thing, and it gets caught on things and spikes me at times -I think differently when I use pen and paper. Sue

  7. You haven’t lived unless you’ve experienced the joy of handwriting several drafts of a ten page college term paper, and then sitting down at the typewriter to bang it out. Any temptations to revise it at that point, meant you probably had to retype all the remaining pages. Ah… Good Times!

  8. Buck, I agree with your theory. I think differently when I write and I have to tear myself from it, the thoughts just flow because I don’t get distracted by easy access to delete and the highlighted error thereby immediately driving me to edits which means nothing ever gets finished. My thoughts just freeze thereafter. But then the typing comes….

  9. See, I won’t put up a writing sample because nobody would be able to read my handwriting. This is why I am so glad I have a computer.Plus, my mind usually races much faster than my hand can write, so when I do write by hand, it comes out as a mess.

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