Meh. – A to Z Blog Challenge

Have you ever felt “meh”? It’s not quite as good as “yeh!” but not as bad as “feh!”? It’s a sort of halfway between anything that’s clinically diagnosable. It’s almost “whatever”, but it’s is more of an ambivalence.

In my opinion, the term “whatever” gets a bad rap (Or is it wrap? I had a bad wrap once, seafood salad on sun dried tomato. It was horrible. Too much mayo.) With all the teenie boppers and American princesses saying *tsk* “Whatavarr!” has really turned it sort of rude, when the word itself really just means… well. whatever. “This or that, whatever. *shrug*” right? Not anymore! It’s more of a “Kiss my ass, no one cares” now, isn’t it?

I’m a little tired. A little disinterested, but not entirely detached. Things are in auto-pilot. Everything’s fine, and will stay fine even with just a little less than the usual amount of enthusiasm. I don’t particularly want anything, and I won’t spend the energy to get the irritating things to go away. For now, I’ll let the annoyances do their thing, I’ll deal with them another time.

It’s a fine line though, I think. You start thinking “meh” and it can be a slippery slope (I hate that saying, but it’s really perfect). You start caring about something that goes south, you’ll find yourself “feh”ing left and right.

Short post tonight, cause… Meh.


11 thoughts on “Meh. – A to Z Blog Challenge

  1. The funny thing about “Meh” that I didn’t even think of while writing, I’ve been saying it since LONG before it was a recognized word. I was pissed when I saw people starting to print it on shirts and mugs and what not. SO shoulda thought of that…

  2. Definitely get “meh” quite often. I think it’s part of having a “grown-up” job… I enjoy it, and I enjoy the money, but it’s just… whatever. I say whatever a lot still, but not in the teenybopper way you said, more like the shrug way – when I’m too “meh” to think of another word.

  3. Sorry, I’m not a meh-er. I’m a whatever-er. Though sometimes (particularly at work) I’m a WTF-er. Yeah, some days are just like that.

  4. I’m unemployed. Every day is meh. I wake up – meh. I apply to jobs I won’t get and drink some decent beer – meh. My dog just ate something he shouldn’t have (for the tenth time) and threw up all over my nice couch (for the tenth time). Meh!

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