Guest Post: Thieves Steal the Strangest Things

Crooks it seems sometimes just aren’t satisfied with using their sticky fingers to nab oodles of cash or priceless works of art. Nope, sometimes only the unusual will do. Like half a frozen head for example… read on.

Via: magnetbox
1. In the early 90s a medical student decided that he was going to take his work home with him. Unfortunately the work he took home happened to be half a human noggin. He sensibly kept the head on ice in the fridge, sadly for him his landlord discovered it. Which as you can imagine led to quite a kerfuffle and a lot of explaining.

2. Californian Polytechnic University suffered the theft of frozen goods from their dairy building. The ‘goods’ were bull semen and embryos worth $10,000. Although the embryos were recovered the semen was not despite a reward being offered.

Via: sharonstoned1
3. Buttons? Who steals buttons?! The wife of Manuel Noriega, that’s who. And yes he is the former politician and military dictator of Panama. Felicidad and a friend half-inched around $400 worth of fasteners from a Miami mall, they’d actually cut them from garments on display.

4. A fast food chicken eatery erected a 20′ tall inflatable chicken to celebrate its continuing success. The chicken was stolen less that a fortnight later. Despite promising a dozen free chicken combos for its safe return it was never found.

Via: callme_crochet
5. Marla Maples, the ex-wife of Donald Trump was convinced she was missing shoes from her closet. Estimating that about 40 pairs had vamoosed she set up a security camera. Sure enough she caught the thief, her publicist Chuck Jones. After searching his house the high heels were recovered as was a rather explicit magazine on shoe fetishes entitled Spike. Chuck denied everything.

6. A businessman from New Hampshire managed to have a 15 ton building swiped. It was an unassembled pre fabricated structure. However the thieves still managed to get away with beams and girders measuring 35 feet long.

Via: Joe in DC
7. Proudly stood outside a Tokyo movie studio was 130lb rubber Godzilla. It disappeared in ’92. Fortunately he hadn’t returned to the sea ready to rise and stomp destruction upon a mini-metropolis. In fact he was discovered hiding in a bamboo thicket less than two weeks later.

8. In the Irish Tavern in Michigan, a man called Keith Bradford drank a few too many and then headed to the restroom. He emerged with the condom machine, having torn it from the wall. He then walked home with it on his shoulder. Witnesses a-plenty the police were able to recover the machine easily from Keith’s home along with 48 prophylactics and 127 quarters.

Via: tnarik
9. Remember Gene Kelly singing in the rain and that moment where he spins around the lamppost? Yes? Someone nicked that. One of the labour crew, a Bryan Goetzinger, who cleared out the studio took it and installed it in his front yard. Technically this was theft in itself, however it was then stolen again after four years stood outside Bryan’s house. It was never found.

Thieves really do steal the most unusual things, there might be a TV show in that…

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