Days 5 and 6 – The Join Something Back to School Challenge

Here we go again, with a two-for-one post…

Grade 3
My teacher was Kimberly Williams. The year was 1988 – 89.  I spent most of my time playing Nintendo NES and Sega Genesis. The Movie “Batman” had come out, and I had a spiffy black plastic piggy-bank in the shape of Batman’s bust.

Everyone and their brother was singing “La Bamba”. You could not escape that damned song.

I’m looking at movies from that year, because I remember my mother coming to the class room (she was a lunch lady at my school) and dismissing me about 20 minutes early to take me to the theater, and I could have, and would have sworn we went to see Teenaged Mutant Ninja Turtles, but apparently that didn’t come out until 1990… So it must have been something else.

Looking at the movies that were out, I’m thinking it must have been “Who Framed Roger Rabit”. I’m fairly sure I saw that in the theaters… But it could also have been “Willow”. I DID see Die Hard in the theaters, I went with my brother and his at-the-time girlfriend.

Although we had our own desks, they were arranged in groups. For some reason, our teacher had us all name ourselves after some kind of aspect of construction. My group was “The Welders”. I also remember she’d named another group “The Weldlers”. I have to wonder if she thought there was a process called Weldling… I dunno.

Anyway, we were managed by our group names for things like being called to line-up. One day I was sneaking my snack when I thought she wasn’t looking. They were Vienna finger cookies, and they were in a little plastic baggie. We were selected last to line up, and she said “You guys can go now, and you were last because Matthew thought I couldn’t see him eating.”

Third grade was the first, and last class I remember having a “show and tell” time. I THINK it happened weekly, but I only remember one. I’d brought in my StarCom ship. What an awesome toy StarCom was! Little plastic guys about three inches tall, with magnetic feet, and awesome star ships! I was bummed when they stopped making them. As awesome as they were, it seems like nobody liked them. Almost everyone I talk to about them has no idea what they were.

One of the most vivid memories was that our teacher made us give her a hug on the way out the door on Friday afternoons. I THINK she might have gotten spoken to about it, cause it only happened once or twice, and then it became optional. I gave her hugs anyway, cause that’s just the kinda kid I was.

I also learned that year, just how hot it was standing in front of a six foot fixed window. We’d line up outside the class room, and the wall was floor to cieling windows. This was the first time I’d ever seen the shadow of heat waves. I was blown away.

I’d mentioned a post or two ago that I didn’t learn the difference between verbs and nouns and such until third grade. Every Friday, our teacher would bust out “Mad Libs“. What a great way to learn the parts of speach! I can’t wait for my daughter to get to the age where I can play with those with her.

Man, what a boring post this is turning out to be… I get a picture of you all sitting there falling asleep while reading it… Hell, I’m so bored by it, I don’t even want to finish it. I can’t think of a single interesting thing that happened in either third or fourth grade!

You know what… Lemme finish with third grade here…

Fourth Grade:
I remember being bored a lot in fourth grade. That’s about it.

Man what a lame post…

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10 thoughts on “Days 5 and 6 – The Join Something Back to School Challenge

  1. Okay Matt I am a little disappointed in this post. I thought you could have said more. You and I were in the same class. I remember the things you did….but so much more. I had another run in with racism this year. The first time was 1st grade. I can’t say who she is….and then who they were but it wasn’t just me picked on. Shellise was also in that class. Anyway….I look at us in the third grade class photo…..we were cute. lol.

    • I was pretty disappointed in this post myself. I’m not sure why, but I don’t remember a whole lot about third grade. I DO remember the class was asked to pair up with someone, and we were the last two, but for some reason, we didn’t want to work together. Eventually, you were just like, “Ugh… C’mon!” and we got to work… We ended up having a great time, and paired up every chance we got!

      I also remember going to see a class mate (a boy, by the way) dance the Nutcracker. I hated it.

      Oh, you know what? I also remember the author of “The Paper Crane”, Molly Bang came in. I have (or had) a signed copy of that book.

      Figures, I’m remembering all kinds of other stuff now.

      I have a few pictures from back then around here somewhere… And yeah, we were pretty darned cute! 😀

    • She was! And definitely the better of the two third grade teachers, I believe. The woman who taught the other 3rd grade class was Mrs. Parkinson.

      I didn’t know her all that well, but she gave me the heebie jeebies. She seemed like a big grumpy old lady. My brother’s had her when they were kids, and they’re 13, 14, and 15 years older than me.

      I remember talking to one of them about her, and he said “every time she’d discipline someone, she say “Umm… Excuse me!” Like she had to stop and figure out what to say, even though it was always “excuse me”.”

  2. I remember a lot about my 3rd and 4th grades, but nothing that I like to dwell on for too long – those were the years that I got teased mercilessly for being overweight, too smart (yeah, what’s to be embarrassed about, right?), and terrible at sports (see item 1). Still, I remember a few good times.

  3. The thing I remember most about third grade was I went to three different schools in three different countries, and all of them in Grade Three… Atlanta, GA; London, UK; and Paris, France. Bein’ a military brat was interesting at times.

    • Heya Buck! I was lucky, I stayed in the same school system from start to finish. We’re talking about possibly moving, but I hate to take my kid out of the system she’s in now, but I think it’s mostly just because I never had to deal with it myself.

  4. This is not related to this post, and I’m sure it will be deleted… however your blog keeps forwarding to WebRing from your front page and I keep having to make the browser stop loading before I’m redirected. Just FYI!

    • Thanks Ericka! I would never delete a legitimate comment, even if it is pointing out my own stupidity! 😀

      Should be all set, I dumped that webring junk. I don’t know what I was doing with it to begin with…

      Thanks again!

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