Trend Micro WFBS 6.0 Password Reset

If you ever find that you need to reset the password to log into your Trend Micro Worry Free Business Security Console, here are the steps:

1.On the Security Server, open the ..Program FilesTrend MicroSecurity ServerPCCSRVPrivate folder.

2.Double-click the ofcserver.ini file to open it in a text editor.

3.Under [INI_SERVER_SECTION], change the value of the “Master_Pwd” parameter to either of the following:
• “70” – This sets the password to “1” or

• “!CRYPT!523496F3AF43E1AF69D42D0AB1AD8410C995F3E7C1FBB9FE857C7B1FEBE9F84A93A1B9CEF52810DBA9649302335” – This sets the password to “novirus”.

4.Restart the Trend Micro Security Server Master Service.

5.Open Internet Explorer then click Tools > Internet Options.

6.Click Delete Files, select Delete all offline content, then click OK.

7.Click Clear History > Yes.

8.Click OK.

9.Close all open windows of Internet Explorer.

10.Log on to the WFBS Standard / Advanced console using the password you set in Step 3.

11.Change your password to something more secure.


4 thoughts on “Trend Micro WFBS 6.0 Password Reset

  1. How about changing the password to something else using this method? We’re looking to change this password regularly across all of our clients and would like to be able to script it. Any ideas about how we could encrypt our password so that it would work in this file?

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