These are a Few of My Favorite Things:

This is likely to be an odd post, as I think you’d agree (if you’ve been reading this blog for any amount of time) that I derive pleasure or at least enjoyment from some of the strangest places. Not like, sick and twisted places, mind you, but things that most folks would call ordinary.

I am not a good loser. I don’t like to fail at whatever I’m doing, and I’ve been known to shatter a video game controller or two in my day. Because of this trait, I do not “talk trash” to other competitors. I do not jeer or goad or brag, etc, the way some competitors do, because when I do, it bites me in the ass. After all that talk, when I lose, I get SO much more angry.

What I DO enjoy though, is when someone talks a bunch of trash to me, and I remain calm and quiet, and win. Cause now, they’ve talked a bunch, and failed. They almost seem to get a little measure of enjoyment out of having their faces rubbed in it, though I still refuse. It’s like they expect it, and thus are justified to do it back when they win. By silently congratulating myself on a job well done, and leaving it at that, it actually seems to grate even more for them. …and I like that.

I love the smell of coffee. I think even more than the taste (and don’t get me wrong, I do love to drink my coffee) there’s something magical to me about the way the scent of the coffee permeates the air so completely when the can is opened, or the filter is filled. It’s not one of those scents that you catch a whiff of, or that comes to you incompletely. It’s either there, or it’s not.

I love to watch my kids learn, even if it’s not something they should really be learning. Obviously I’m not talking about lessons like “Don’t lick the receptacles” of course, but things like learning how to communicate, even when it’s saying things like “leave me alone” or “stupid dog!” or the latest “Oh shit!”…

Which actually brings me to a tangent thought… I do not have the cleanest of vocabularies. I like to keep it relatively tame on this blog, cause who knows who will be reading it, and I didn’t have the foresight to start it anonymously…(no, I had to go and put my freaking name in big bold letters all over it… hindsight is 20/20…) but the reality is that I grew up hearing and rather early on, saying “bad” words.

Honestly… I’m not really all that concerned about the kids learning them. I know it sounds rather “un-fatherly” of me, but I’d rather they hear them now, and aren’t shocked later on in school by them. Learn the words and their uses, but respect them… I’d rather not have them calling people swears and what not, but… well hell, I did it. They’re going to do it too eventually. At least if they’re aware of it, I’m hoping they won’t be hurt by it later…

I’m not oblivious to the other side of that coin of course. I know one day I’m going to get a call from school “Your daughter was calling another kid an “asshole”… and all I’m going to be able to say is “Well… was the other kid being an asshole? Did she use the term incorrectly?”

I’ll burn that bridge when I get to it, I suppose…

But back to my original point, I love to see when things click for kids… The first time they learn to use the door knob is a big deal. Yeah, it’s a pain in the ass now, cause you can’t confine them (and an adult to be with them of course) to the “child safe” room to play while said adult nods off… Cause they’ll leave and go play with knives… but that’s a huge hurdle! Mechanical skills and observation and curiousity all come together and boom. A door is open, literally and figuratively…

I also like to see when they learn mischeivous things… I taught my oldest to tear the top half of the straw wrapper off, and blow into the straw to shoot the rest of the wrapper off. Of course, now every time we go out to breakfast or something, she does it (especially if I do it first!) and now and then it lands on the table behind us… People are usually forgiving of it when it’s the 6 year old’s. When it’s mine, I just pretend it was the 6 year old’s. 🙂

I love the unspoken brotherhood of driving on the highway that can come from two or more drivers boxing in the jackass who is trying to cut lane to lane within inches of the poor schmo he’s cutting off.

I understand being late, or having somewhere to go, or just wanting to go faster, but you don’t risk someone else’s life for it. If it’s a true someone-is-dying-in-your-car emergency, flash the lights, blow the horn, wave out the window, etc… Call 911, get a police escort. If you’re just going to ride my bumper and flick your high beams once, then I’m going to slow down, and you can go around me. …unless of course, you’re boxed in by the other guy. In which case, you deserve it anyway. Jerk.

I love to ask how people are doing when I call, and wait for an answer. I spend a lot of time on the phone, and when I call, I say who I am, and ask “How are you today?” and I’m always shocked at how sometimes they don’t know what to say! Just tell me how you’re doing! I don’t care if it’s true, if you don’t want to talk. Tell me you’re fine, and we can get on with the call. I don’t even care if you don’t ask me back! It’s a simple question, just say something. Don’t sit there and wait for me to get on with it, cause I will wait for an answer, no matter how quiet and awkward the wait is.

I love to watch reunions, especially when it’s a military person coming home to their loved ones. In that moment when they step into the baggage claim or whatever receiving area and see their loved ones whom they haven’t seen in months or years, all the stupid petty shit goes away. Bill payments, appointments, chores, to-do lists… It all goes away, and the moment is just about what’s important.

I’m reminded of a clip from “Dogma”… Although it’s not exactly as “sappy” as I like to imagine it… And naturally I can’t find a clip online of it, but basically he says something like “they’re so relieved to finally see each other again, it doesn’t matter how many times she cheated on him while he was gone” etc… I like to imagine that the things they’re ignoring in that moment aren’t so bad, but… the sentiment is the same.

I love M&Ms, peanut are my favorite, but regular are fine too. I like to wait until the insides are warm and smooshy before biting through the shell.

What about you, what are some of your favorite things?


2 thoughts on “These are a Few of My Favorite Things:

  1. Coffee and silence and sunshine, lilacs and pansies, staying up all night if I want to, going to bed early if I want to, new techno toys, watching my 18 mth old grand daughter boogie to the music, and being asked how I am.

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