The Things I do for my Kids

I got up this morning early and hit the local Dunkin Donuts as a treat. I bought a pile of munchkins and returned. The kids were excited, as we don’t often get donuts for breakfast. “Yipee!” they shouted.

I realized then, that a 2 year old and a 6 year old may not know exactly how to moderate themselves when eating delicious but not-very healthy foods such as donut holes. Well, ever the vigilant protector of my youths, I took it as my civic duty to make sure they didn’t over eat these confections, by eating most of them myself.

Sure it wasn’t the healthiest of decisions on my part, but I feel it was my duty and honor to make that sacrifice for my kids, that they may have healthier eating habits as they grow older.

While this was the first such decision I made consciously, I realized that I’ve been looking out for their well being in such a manner for a long time! Halloween, Christmas, even birthdays with all that artery-clogging cake and ice cream… Why, if it weren’t for me, I bet these kids would have had at least 75% more junk food around them over the course of their lives so far! What a hero I am!

I shall continue my crusade, and take it even a step further, and stop eating vegetables, so that they may have ever more healthy foods available to them!

I’ve never felt so selfless.


11 thoughts on “The Things I do for my Kids

  1. LOL, way to go you champion of children protectors. You’re in great company, as I fulfill that same role myself. Even though my oldest is 18 now, I still try to protect him from the evils of too many donuts.

  2. Haha, good job Eric! And yeah, I may need to find a support group once they grow up and leave home anyway… I’m one of those “My baby is growing up!” types. Not looking forward to that at all.

  3. Gadzooks! I must bow down to your superior strength of character. When I decided to save my kids, as you have, I (being a lazy old bugger) took the easy way out and simply stopped buying all the artery-clogging foods.DOH!!

  4. I could, but there’s always going to be those times when someone else buys and brings it over, or when it’s expected like on Easter or Halloween. I gotta stay in shape for those occasions, so I look at the rest of the times as training.

  5. My husband used to do that, but my daughter got him back on her 21st birthday when she explained to the assembled family and friends how “Dad used to sneak into my bedroom and scoff all my Easter chocolate and think I wouldn’t notice” Maybe your kids will be a bit more forgiving 😉

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