Special Someone, Special Thanks, someone’s SLACKIN! – A to Z Blog Challenge

SO! Sorta seems selfish, but I started saying some simple…. yeah, never mind, it’s too late for me to come up with a bunch of S words… Sorry. I’m tired.

Someone special: My darling wife is turning another year older today, and I wanted to say Happy Birthday to her! You are a wonderful wife, an incredible mom, and my best friend. I will always love you, thank you for being so amazing.

Special Thanks: A couple days ago, I was linked by Sue on her blog, and I was very honored. Then yesterday, San linked me too, and gave me such a shining endorsement, that I must have turned several different shades of red, sitting her by myself reading it. 🙂 THANKS very much to you both. 🙂 Looking forward to sharing thoughts with the both of you for many years to come, whatever-deity-of-your-choice-willing.

Someone’s Slackin! That would be me, actually. I entered two blogs into this challenge, this and the beer blog, and I am two days behind on the beer blog… My plan was that I would sample a beer of a specific letter, and post about it… But I went broke. Instead of continuing to wing it the way I did on the last few, I’m going to wait until I have the cash, and get it done right… I feel that if I just post for the sake of posting (even though that’s sort of the point of the challenge) that I’m making poorer quality posts. I can’t abide.

Join us next time as we continue our quest to find new and wacky non-relevant junk to talk about that starts with the letter T.


5 thoughts on “Special Someone, Special Thanks, someone’s SLACKIN! – A to Z Blog Challenge

  1. Awww. Happy Birthday to your lovely wife. She’s lucky to have you but I imagine its more the other way around, lol 🙂 And thanks for linking Sue, and me. We’re awesome, lol! Just sayin’! And good luck with the beer thing too, just don’t go crazy trying to catch up all at one time ;)Cheers!

  2. I am 2 days behind but I don’t care. As long as I get to Z before the end of the month, I am happy. Sometimes other things take priority–like family. Happy birthday to your wife!

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