Pet Peeves – A to Z Blog Challenge

This is a repost, but I think it’s relevant. I made some changes to the writing, cause as I read it, I saw some room for improvement.

As I posted many posts back, I’m generally a happy fellow, and I try to always give others the benefit of the doubt. In that post I also mentioned that I do have some pet peeves, and I thought I’d share. 
I can’t stand when people stir coffee and clank the spoon around in the mug. Every clink in the mug strikes sharply against my nervous system. Every time I hear it, I have to resist the urge to lunge at the person’s drink and stay their hand. It’s like when something like a pan lid hits the ground and is allowed to half-spin weirdly until it finally lays flat. I just want to jump on it and cut it’s little symphony short in a dramatic slam, followed by golden silence. 
Drives me nuts when people slurp, like when their coffee is just too hot to sip and they need to infuse the intake of liquid with tiny gusts of air, so as not to par boil their lips. Please… If you’re guilty of this, just wait the five or so minutes until your coffee is cool enough to drink. Each slurp is like a tiny tear in the fringe of my sanity!
I hate wooden spoons. Not so much the ones one cooks with but those little two-ended spoon thingies… I can’t eat an Italian ice with those miniature wooden boat oars they give you. The feeling of the wood grain on my teeth and tongue sends uncomfortable shivers down my spine. Even just the thought of it… ugh. Popsicle sticks too. Can’t stand to let those touch my teeth or tongue.
I apparently have an unreasonable distaste for repeating myself. I especially clench my teeth when people say “Huh?” in response to every sentence I utter, when I know they’ve heard me. I’ve had friends say “Huh?” and then after I stare at them a moment, they say “Oh,” and answer my question. This was after weeks of thinking they didn’t hear me… I was going nuts thinking I might be mumbling, or they were going deaf. Nope. Just annoying. 
I actually hate (and I know I said I always try to not hate but…) when someone believes they are correct, and will not stop to consider another person’s input. Am I incorrect? Perhaps… but that doesn’t mean what I have to say isn’t pertinent or possibly worth consideration. I am always willing to entertain the possibility that I’m wrong on just about any given subject. If you feel I’m incorrect on something, please let me hear it. I’d much rather have been wrong, than continue to be so. 
I wish I could get people on public transportation to turn their music devices down just enough so that I can’t hear it. It’s extremely difficult to think when you have one baseline of something playing on the left, and another on the right. I personally find it rude. 
I am always disappointed by a lack of civility from people in customer service positions. If you deal with people on behalf of your employer, you have an obligation to be courteous, if not friendly. Don’t look at me like I just grounded you, no one’s forcing you to be there, or at least, I’m not. You are the face of your company. I’ll always associate your attitude with the company logo, even if it’s not fair, I can’t help it… It just works out that way. 
I don’t like car horns. There seems to be a prevalent misconception that when something is inconveniencing a driver, that the horn is there so that said driver can make sure everyone around him or her is just as irritated. The horn is there so that you can let others know you’re there so as to avoid an accident. Think about it… If there’s a traffic jam, no one cares that you’re there, they’re there in their car too. 
And now, having just said, “you’re there, they’re there in their”… it really burns my bacon when people misuse “there” “they’re” and “their” as well as “here” and “hear”. There are others like, “were” and “we’re”, and “should have” not “should of” but the the(ir)(y’re)(re) and he(re)(ar) are there most common amongst the social networking crowds these days. 
I think that’s enough to start with… Please feel free to comment with some of your own!

10 thoughts on “Pet Peeves – A to Z Blog Challenge

  1. I could just say a hearty “Amen!” to this list.I also can’t stand it when people smack their gum and I have a really hard time handling it when a meeting runs longer than it’s supposed to.

  2. “Quite unique”! How the hell can anything be QUITE unique, it is either unique or it isn’t – it’s akin to claiming someone is a little bit pregnant!The car horn thing made me laugh. No one on this island uses their car horn, only the “blow in’s” (tourists). Something I had to learn when I moved here from London. Even if the car ahead sits through three green lights, you DO NOT touch the horn!

  3. I’m with Morgan and Karen.Also – coughing. Not the muffled kind you can’t help, but the loud, “I don’t care anyone’s around me I’m going to cough as loud and incessently as I can until my throat is clear. Then I’m going to clear my throat a few times as well for good measure. Repeat often.”

  4. I hate repeating myself, too! I just stay silent like you do and then they realize they heard me. Or if the person interrupts me and talks over me, I just stop talking, and they realize their mistake. Then they beg me to keep talking and I just say no, and I hope never knowing drives them nuts!- allison writes

  5. Great post! Mine is whistling, I hate it when people whistle for no reason at all. Sing then! Another thing is when people take a drink of something and say ahhhhhhhhh… I am sure I have more because I am very anal in nature..LOL! That sounded weird didn’t it? If you know Freud, you know what I mean…The rest of you, sorry…look it up.

  6. I’m with you on the popsicle stick/wooden spoon thingy thing.Plus I hate the sound of someone running their hand down textured fabric, or something like nylon. I don’t know why but it makes me shiver. I really dislike people being irritated and doing their best to make everyone around them feel the same. My husband does this sometimes– he’s in a bad mood and everyone else has to know it unless they are silent and tiptoeing on eggshells.For one final pet peeve, I hate when people complain of being bored. Unless you are locked in one room with nothing around (and no internet) there is always something to do. You may be restless, or irritable and not able to pin it down, but that isn’t bored. People tend to look at me funny though when I say I don’t believe in being bored.

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