Join Something!

As some of you may know, I’m participating in an A to Z challenge starting in April over at my Brew Log. There are over 600 people participating in the A to Z challenge, and I started thinking about the amount of traffic this could generate.

I decided to look around for other such challenges or blog chains or rings to participate in to keep me writing even when I don’t really feel like it… And they are kind of difficult to find Google search results gave me a few useful results, but most of them had expired or were inactive.

I decided to put together a blog where people who are hosting or participating in these sorts of challenges can go and advertise them. People looking for something to join can come and look through things that are available that they can join. The blog is called Join Something! and it’s just getting off the ground. There’s some basic information there right now, and I’m trying to get as much content on there as possible, cause on Monday, BlogMakeOver will be redesigning it for me!

If you know of a challenge or blog chain that is looking for more participants, please go there and post a comment about to help get their word out. Make sure to check back there often to see if there’s anything going on that you’d like to join!


3 thoughts on “Join Something!

  1. Well, if you wanted to host a challenge, I could post it there and share it out to my readers / tweeps! Or if you’re looking to join a challenge, you could find it there. 🙂

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