Greatest Minor Disappointments

Disappointment can strike at any time, in any way. None of us are strangers to disappointment, I’m sure. Some may be more familiar than others, but at some point we’ve all felt the pain of the wind leaving our sails, leaving us crestfallen.

As with most things I blog about, I’m not talking about the most serious cases. I’m not talking about being let down by a loved one, or failing a test, or getting into an accident…etc. Far too serious for my liking. I like to keep things less than severe here.

I’m talking about the little things. I’m talking about the things that you can laugh about only a few minutes afterwards, if not during. I’m talking about the things that seem like a bummer right then, but in comparison to the evening headlines, they’re nothing. These are the things that will be a pain in the arse, but won’t ruin your day.

I’m talking about:

You get up from your nap feeling satisfied and indulgent, but a bit peckish. You head to the kitchen, a peanut butter and jelly on your mind. You get your favorite jelly from the fridge, and the loaf of bread. You take out two similarly sized pieces from closer to the middle of the loaf than the end, and lay them on the plate.

You’re enticed by the softness of it’s feel, and the fact that there were no air pockets in the dough making holes the jelly will escape through to fall on your shirt. You spread the jelly on one piece of bread with a silly anticipatory grin on your face, feeling childlike excitement. You make sure not to leave any nook unfilled.

You reach for the jar of peanut butter only to find… no jar of peanut butter.

There are some foods that you could find a substitute for fairly easily from if you had to. Peanut butter is not one of them. When that’s what you want, that’s the only thing that’ll do. Had there been no jelly, you may have been able to do with a different kind of jelly without much inconvenience, or perhaps just a peanut butter sandwich, but just jelly? Maybe it’s good on toast, but you already have it on the bread. You don’t want to throw it out cause your parents drilled into your head not to waste food, and honestly there’s nothing wrong with it… Just… nothing right either!

I’m talking about:

The Redsox. I was watching the crucial game when the Sox were ahead, and the Yankees were killing the Rays 7-0. I went to bed before the end of the game. My wife came home late, and when she woke me, the Sox had just lost. “Oh well,” I thought. “At least we’re tied with Tampa, we’ll play a tie-breaker with them for the final word on the post season.”

The next day, around game-time, I put on the usual channel. Hockey?? What the hell? I got onto the interweb, only to find that Tampa came back from a 7 point deficit, and won. Talk about taking the wind out of my sails! I was all amped up to watch what would have been a VERY important game, only to find that like, 18 hours ago, it was avoided.

I’m talking about:

Pulling into your driveway, right when your favorite song begins playing on the radio and you have company waiting for you inside. Do you sit in your car and rock out while the folks inside watch from the living room window? Do you turn it off and head inside, knowing that the song is going to be stuck in your head until you get to hear it in it’s entirety?

What kinds of things would you classify in this way?


6 thoughts on “Greatest Minor Disappointments

  1. I’m damned if I can think of anything in this space at the moment, although I’m sure there’s sumthin’. I guess I’m just easily amused (and satisfied).

  2. Interesting. Mine are:Grocery shopping and when I get there I don’t have the list. Starting dinner and find out I’m out of onions or something I need.

  3. All of yours resonate with me, a lot. Especially the peanut butter one, as I am an absolute peanut butter junkie. I would add the scenario of grabbing a sleeve of saltines and a knife, and mixing a big ol’ glass of chocolate milk (after having set up a DVD of something you’d been waiting to watch), and then moving it all into the living room as a small feast to consume while viewing, then returning to the kitchen to get the final component, the peanut butter, only to discover that there is enough PB in the jar to thinly spackle about three crackers. It’s even worse to have some peanut butter but not nearly enough for the job at hand.

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