Could The Internet Spell The End Of Snow Days??

There’s a story here that suggests that this may be the case!

I’m not sure how I feel about this… I’m all for using the Internet for the education of kids and what not, but… Snow days?

Do you remember staying home on snow days and how awesome it was? A day when all mother nature, or god or whomever you believe in graced you with an unexpected reprieve from school, and a pile of snow to go play in! Sure, you make the day up at the end of the year, but there’s nothing more in line with the procrastinator in all of us than the good fortune of having school called off for snow.

Snow days are a little different for parents, logistically… If you have kids, you know that if your kids are staying home on a day you didn’t plan for, it can throw a wrench into your schedule. But it’s not necessarily a problem if you can get some work done from home, or get day care or something… But if the kids are expected to be able to attend school on your computer, there’s no way for you to get your work done unless you have another computer or something… and even then, you’re likely to have to get them set up or what have you.

Are schools going a little too far? Should the magic of the snow day be left sacred? How many things like this will be taken from our kids? We’re already giving homework to preschoolers, and my kindergartner is now writing full sentences, and counting nickels, dimes and quarters… She’s doing things now that I didn’t have to do until first or second grade. How hard are we going to push these kids? Sure, it’s nice that she’s ahead of where I was, but would I be any better off now, had I started reading a year earlier?

She recently developed a nervous tick where she scrunches her face a bit… It’s noticeable, but it’s not an impediment or anything, so we just monitored it at the Dr.’s orders. It went away, but he did say that it was a sign of stress. I do feel like I spend most of my time telling her to stop this or that, or to do x, y, or z… but a nervous tick?? …And they’re looking at things we can do at home to alleviate stress? How about I stop making her try to read books and do arithmetic for another year or two, and let the poor kid be a kid.

Well, if nothing else comes of this post, I think NOW I DO know how I feel about it…

How do you feel?


8 thoughts on “Could The Internet Spell The End Of Snow Days??

  1. We don’t always get snow days, so I let my son take a mental health day about once a year. We take the day off and go to the city or just go out for lunch. It improves both our moods enormously to feel like we’re cheating the system. :)I should add he has excellent grades, though.

  2. I agree with you. We never had snow days in Miami, FL where I grew up, but we do get a few a year in Charlotte, NC. To me those days are for sledding down our front yard (we live on a hill), drinking hot chocolate, and watching movies when it’s time to thaw out. I do think that the world is expecting too much too soon out of kids. One of the greatest joys in life is being a kid and the more time they get to enjoy it, the happier they will be as adults.One of the things I hate is to see adults that have forgotten how wonderful it was to be a kid. Let them make a mess – that is why soap was invented. Let them stay up a little late on weekends – that is why Sunday morning was invented!

  3. Here in CO they get snow days even when it’s not necessarily warranted. I remember it having to be like 3 feet of snow before they’d call off school. Stinkin’ spoiled kids these days!

  4. I’m so encouraged to see a parent who feels this way about his child’s education. Many teachers feel the same way – but are under the confines of state and federal mandates. IMHO, education is not in good places these days.

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