Coffee. Joe. Java. Morning Thunder. Go Juice. Morning Grind [my personal favorite].

That’s right. I’m a fan.

Dunkin Donuts: Extra large, Extra cream, no sugar. (Sometimes they correct me and tell me they have no extra large, but the one bigger than the large is a “The Great One”. Most of the time, they’re reasonable, and let it go at extra large.)

Starbucks: Grande, Quad-shot Cappuccino. That’s right, Quality, not quantity. Why order a venti, if it’s the same amount of coffee as the small? Only difference is more steamed milk.

Anywhere else: “The largest vessel you got, so long as I can carry it in one hand, and it fits in my cup holder… with extra cream and no sugar”.

I found yesterday, Ben and Jerry’s has a coffee ice cream called “Coffee Coffee Buzz Buzz”. It’s coffee ice cream with enormous chunks of chocolate chips and ground bits of coffee beans. Yes. It’s that good.

*     *     *     *     *

My habit doesn’t stop at coffee though. Caffeine in general is the goal. Not so big on Coke, but I love a good Pepsi. Mountain Dew is another favorite. If you’re a fan of the dew, I urge you to try it frozen. Get a plastic bottle of it, I recommend a 20oz, and drink a third of it. Squeeze the bottle, and cap it off. This will provide room for the expansion of freezing. You can always flatten it out too (the soda, not the bottle) since the Co2 is going to be escaping anyway… Toss it in the fridge. Once frozen, I like to cut the bottle away, and drop it in a class. I’ve yet to find another soda I enjoy as much frozen, though Canada Dry ginger ale is a close second.

Energy drinks are another viable source of boost, but it tends to be rather extreme, and short lived. I’m also semi-convinced that some of the Vitamin Waters, particularly the red one gives me migraines, although I haven’t really explored it too fervently. Red Bull was a pioneer in the field of energy drink, and I think still holds the crown. They even have a sugar free. Be prepared for a weird taste though if you’ve never had it. It’s somewhere between flat mountain dew and “bubble gum slush-puppy” zarex. (which I just learned is no longer produced! /nostalgia) It’s definitely not something that was engineered to taste like anything natural.

I went through a tea kick for quite some time, and from time to time I like to revisit. I’m not talking old dried out bags of tea you buy a hundred at a time for three dollars… I’m talking about loose leaf. Brew a whole little pot, have a few cups. When you crave a nice green tea, nothing is an acceptable substitute. Let me rephrase that…. cause “nothing” is certainly not an acceptable substitute when you want “something” or “anything” for that matter… When it’s green tea you want, there exists no acceptable substitutes.

But coffee.

Though I may stray from time to time, and find comfort in another of the wide array of eye-opening, alertness boosting, blood-pressure raising, jitter inducing, kidney stone contributing beverages, I’ll always come back to you.


4 thoughts on “Coffee

  1. I like Dunkin Donuts coffee more versus Starbucks. Don’t ask me why, I just prefer the flavor.I’m a tea person myself. Forgive the fact I don’t do “loose leaf.” I simply don’t find myself having the time or patience for that way. No particular flavor I’m against with tea, although I agree with the green type. Quite healthy and tasty.I steer clear from soft drinks. I despise Coke, can drink Pepsi, and I’m on the fence when it comes to Mountain Dew. If there is one I have to pick, it’s Dr. Pepper. Something about it feels like ambrosia to me – whenever I’m in the mood for such drinks.

  2. Dr. Pepper… I went through a huge Dr. Pepper kick, if you could call 4+ years a kick. Started in Highschool, and ended shortly after starting college. By the end of it, I was drinking probably 3 litres a day! I’ve heard a lot of things about Dr. Pepper, one of which being that it’s flavored with prunes. Don’t care though, still love it. Nothing wrong with tea in the bag either, I drink that a fairly frequently these days. The loose leaf was, in my opinion better, but almost a different drink. When I want a Red Rose tea bag, there is no substitute. And I have to agree, it’s a little bit more complicated, and the rewards don’t really offset.

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