Bacon – A to Z Blog Challenge

At the risk of taking the easy way out for today’s post, I thought I’d find something that everyone loves and post a video about how it’s made. 


25 thoughts on “Bacon – A to Z Blog Challenge

  1. Oh, boy, Matt ~ TMI for this woman who won’t touch it, cook it, or eat it. I do, however, love to smell it! When someone else orders it, I kind of lean across the booth and inhale deeply.Kudos for taking on the April alpha challenge!WV = deali. Our same daughters (I’m only guessing about yours, but I know about mine) who correct us with “actually” will ask, “Mom/Dad, where’s that deali?”

  2. I love bacon. Eat it whenever I can which is most every week day. Weekends I save for sausage and we don’t want to see how that’s made do we.Contrary to my usual practice of subscribing to comments, to save time during challenge I will not be doing so during April. If you want to respond to my comment , please email me directly from your email notification for the comment. Thanks.LeeTossing It OutTwitter hashtag: #atozchallenge

  3. Hi This is a different take on B from all the others. I don’t eat bacon but that’s fine. I know lots of people do love it. I’m guessing we have a few things in common from your comment on my blog about nostalgia etc. Oh yes, and I will be blogging about beer when it gets to E so do pop back then if not before.p.s. It took me almost five minutes to work out which was the right one of your blogs. They all came up on your Blogger Profile which might be a disadvantage during this challenge. Just a thought.

  4. Yeah, tough choice… Give it to the kids, cause something this wonderful should be shared, or keep it… cause something this wonderful should be kept… Best to watch out for the kid’s cholesterol… who else would if not the parents… 😉

  5. I love bacon, but can’t eat it anymore. Except in very small amounts. Lowering the bp. Ah, forgive me if I skip the video. I grew up in the country and had to dress chickens, pigs, and cows. Memories….ick! Fun posts you’ve got here. Now stalking you, too!

  6. Take one toasted bagel and top with cream cheese. Plop on a couple of pieces of crispy bacon. Top with raw onion and tomato slices. Heavenly!Please don’t do a video on chicken: how it’s processed. Please. Anyway – is it BAD for a writer to admit to being thrilled to find a blog today that’s NOT talking “books” or “blogs”? 🙂 Just sayin’… And I should add, lest someone get mad at me (or whole hordes of bloggers, not to put too fine a point on it, show up with torches and pitchforks), many of those “blog” and “book” posts have been quite entertaining. I just like surprises. And I think this is the FIRST post I’ve stumbled across that’s on BACON!Holly JahangiriIt’s All a Matter of PerspectiveThis year, it’s personal – I’m now a “survivor.” Please give to Relay for Life.

  7. Well thanks, Holly! I had a similar thought a little while ago. I use the “Next Blog” button, which holding Ctrl, and open about 15 at a time… As I go through, most are about books or instructions for writing or developing characters. While it’s not “bad” it gets a little old. I’m going to try to keep things a little off the path. 🙂

  8. Woohoo, nice choice. I’m surprised Elana hasn’t stopped by though, because bacon is one of her favs. Don’t be surprised if she does 🙂

  9. Matt, as you may have noticed, my blog’s all over the place. I’m not as “compartmentalized” as some of my other blogger friends – I can’t manage to keep up with multiple blogs, or stay “on topic” (which is why I sometimes stay in my own blog-cave, where I can stray OFF topic with impunity!). Staying on topic is important when writing a book or presenting a dissertation. Blogging should be…fun. I know. I’m a heretic. Or maybe I’ve just been blogging too long to take it all so SERIOUSLY. ;)Thanks for dropping by my place – hope to see you there again!

  10. Thanks Eric! I’m enjoying the hell outta this process, I’m already written all the way up to E and have em scheduled. 🙂 Holly, I couldn’t agree more… I originally used this blog to repost Microsoft articles so that when I needed them, I could find them more easily… Then I realized this blog I do for “fun” was becoming part of my job. Never again!

  11. Thanks Dawn! I actually just posted another letter B post, since it’s Sunday and we’re supposed to take the day off from posting, I figured it wouldn’t hurt to post an extra!

  12. I refuse to watch it. I love bacon and I know if I know where it comes from (how it’s made) I will be forever ruined. If I think too hard about the foods I eat it makes it hard to eat them. Like I love eggs but if I focus on how it’s basically and unfertilized chicken egg…..and I know that if I have an egg that is unfertilized that the way I get rid of it is “my monthly evil visitor” it makes me think I’m eating a chickens “monthly evil visitor” and then I’m so good with that. Stick a fork in me I’m done. Even now I’m gagging. Thanks Matt. You just tried to jedi mind trick me into hating bacon and eggs so you could have them all yourself. But I will not let you win.

    • Hah! I actually laughed out loud at that… I’ve always called eggs “Liquid Chicken”.

      Truth be told, the video isn’t all that bad. Just shows a bunch of port being hauled around, sliced, etc… The hot-dog video is pretty interesting, but not for the faint of heart.

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