Stick IT! “Deleted Items”

So I started playing around with creating stick figures in Gimp, for no real reason other than it’s fun! I’m affectionately calling this little comic about an “IT” guy “Stick IT.”


11 thoughts on “Stick IT! “Deleted Items”

  1. Heya Unc! Yeah, I think it may. It’s a lot of fun, and I need an excuse to practice with Gimp anyway. Believe it or not, I’ve had the exact conversation above at least a half dozen times with real live corporate big wigs.

  2. What, you mean we can’t use Deleted Items to store email? LOL, great job Matt. IT Guys (like myself) all over the world are cheering at this one.

  3. Heya Jim! Thanks for the feedback, I like the font very much myself. It’s very similar to my real handwriting. Thanks for stopping by again, good to “see you”. 🙂

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