#atozchallenge – Right

I’ve posted before about how much people hate to be wrong. Have you ever been in a conversation where someone said something, and you disagreed. They then start to tell you why they’re right. You point out something that had escaped their attention, which makes them not quite correct, and they continue to defend their point.

When it gets to the point that they’re quite clearly wrong, they just kinda hold on regardless. Or eventually say something “WELL I DON’T FREAKIN KNOW THEN!” or “OKAY, YES! YOU ARE RIGHT! You’re always right! GOOD for you!”

The hell’s up with that? Take a step away, and look… You told me something that was inaccurate, and I pointed it out. YOU were in the wrong, not me! You should be thanking me for stopping you from telling other people this incorrect crap.

I don’t understand why people hate being wrong so much. I’m always the first person to consider that perhaps I’m wrong. I’m wrong all the time! Doesn’t mean I’m stupid or something, means I have incorrect information. If someone tells me I’m wrong, I appreciate it. I don’t want to walk around with incorrect information, I want to be told about it.

Perhaps it’s pride? People like to seem like they know things, and when they’re shown that they don’t, they’re embarrassed?


10 thoughts on “#atozchallenge – Right

  1. Hell, I’m wrong at least fifty times a day. Anything anyone is willing to do to help me up my percentage of correctness is OK by me.By the way, your comment at my place was spot on.

  2. It’s not pride. It’s a lack of intelligence. Truly intelligent people know that they don’t know everything and are always willing to challenge their own assumptions. Everyone else betrays their own stupidity.Oh, oops. Am I a little irrated by this too? 🙂

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