Buying Beer for Cookouts

A Smokey Joe charcoal grill made by the Weber ...

A Smokey Joe charcoal grill made by the Weber Corporation (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Since the beginning of time, or at least as far back as I have been drinking beer, when I think “Cookout beer” I think cheap, watery, yellow American light beer. Used to be because whenever I thought “beer” in general, that’s what I thought, but since discovering my love for Craft beer and everything NOT cheap, watery, yellow American light beer, that’s no longer the case.

Even still though, when I start planning a cookout, my mind immediately goes to cheap 30 packs. Partly because I know that’s what the attendees will drink, but also because… well, it’s cheap.

I do still enjoy a cheap watery light beer from time to time especially when it’s hot out and I’m working the grill. I’m not going to pretend that Craft beer is the only beer of merit, because I believe that although it’s definitely fantastic and the best thing on the market, all beer has it’s place in the grand scheme of things. When it’s hot, and I’m grilling, and there are people counting on me to not burn their food, I go for the light watery stuff because I can drink three times as much of it, stay fairly hydrated, and I still get that carbonated beer belch that I find oh-so necessary.

Still though, I can’t help but wonder if I should be trying to introduce these folks to a solid craft beer instead of the cheapo watery junk. The craft beer folks I know would say “Absolutely!” of course, but I’m not so sure! After all, I am buying it, and what happens if they don’t like it? Then there’s nothing for them to drink, and I feel like I didn’t do my job… But what happens if they DO like it?? Then they drink it, and there’s less for me!

I could get BOTH I suppose, but I’m working on a very limited budget here.

What do you buy for cookouts as far as beer and alcohol? When you attend a cookout do you expect to have beer bought for you? Do you frown upon a cookout host who buys only cheap watery beer for general consumption?

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