Stick I.T. – Server Patches


8 thoughts on “Stick I.T. – Server Patches

  1. I often wondered, as my arthritic old body was crawling around on the floor looking for specific cords/wires/cables, if this wasn’t just a holding tactic until the IT guy could think of what to do next. Hah!!

  2. Hey now! You mean to tell me I’ve been had by my IT folks? When I did the whole house power reset, they told me it would take 1/2 hour for the circuits to drain. Now you go ahead and tell me it’s only ten minutes? Dammit!Dude, this stuff is hilarious!

  3. @Eric – I think most of them suspected it was the case anyway ;)@Delores – I always feel like a jerk when I have to ask someone to check the cables… The good IT guys DO have a conscience! @Heather – Thanks! 😀 @Up2DaRack – What takes a half hour is you going around the house resetting all your clocks! And thanks! 🙂

  4. Unplug your lamp! Oh so cruel, as we troglodytes peer and contort to determine which cord actually connects to the lamp, wondering in our inner hearts, yet not daring to challenge the wisdom of the IT gods.

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