September Back to School Blog Challenge

Back to school means a lot of different things to different people. To kids, it’s… Well, time to go back to school. Some are happy to see their friends, some are bummed that summer is over, some are looking forward to homework… No, probably not.

Either way, everyone’s experienced it, and I’m eager to share some experiences of my own, and read about yours!

So I created the September Back to School Blog Challenge, over at If you’re interested in participating, head on over there, and click the “Blog Event Registration” link, and sign up. There’s a link list at the bottom for all participants, please make sure your blog shows up in the list!

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4 thoughts on “September Back to School Blog Challenge

  1. I won’t be joining the challenge because it appears to ask me to do two things I’m not ready to do: post for eight days in a row, and post after September 1st. I will be posting something about “Back To School”, though – this Monday. And it’s because you gave me the idea. Thanks!

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