What Did I Learn in 2010?

It’s been quite some time since I’ve posted, mostly because I feel like I really don’t have anything interesting to say. Things have been pretty busy or stressful lately, and instead of coming here and sounding like Eeore, I figured I’d just keep quiet.
Saying goodbye to 2010 was a good feeling. 2010 was easily one of the, if not THE worst year on record with everything that happened to us. Of course, it could have been worse, but this year laden with misfortune nonetheless with lost loved ones, financial struggle, life changes, etc. I’ll not go into much detail…
I’m doing my best to remain upbeat and try to take something positive away from all the crap. In doing so, I realized that we’ve emerged alive and relatively well. I’ve managed to learn quite a bit this year.
I’ve learned…
Over-use of the word “daddy” or any of it’s variations can push some serious buttons.
I like scotch.
When you’re the only male in the house and there’s pee on the seat, you are guilty by default.
Trying to fix your own USB devices by re-soldering the power connection can cause your whole motherboard to go wonky.
Although you can burn most of your miscellaneous junk, you will be left with an assortment of hinges, nails, screws, doorknobs, electrical boxes, mattress springs and other such metal items when you’re done.
A five year old child can sometimes know exactly how you feel.
You can brew five gallons of beer for less than $40.
A good cigar on a mild evening can be the most relaxing activity known to man.
Exotic dancers get irritated when you tell them they’re not allowed to touch you, and they’re not getting any of your money. They also don’t like being reminded that they’ve been rubbing up against god only knows what kinds of bacteria and disease for only a few dollars at a time. Out of sight out of mind, I guess.
As I get older, my bones are far less forgiving, and hold a hell of a grudge.
You never know when you’re going to run into someone you’ve met before, and if you were nice during your first meeting, things will be much less awkward.
There’s no proof more positive that you need to loose weight than when you show up in the background of a picture in the local newspaper.
Sometimes participating in a relaxing activity is not as effective as simply not participating in a stressful one. In other words, a lack of activity is sometimes better than an activity which you normally enjoy.
Sometimes the most selfless act is to accept the kindness of others, even though you may feel uncomfortable doing so.
Sometimes we don’t notice everything we have until we lose something precious.
It doesn’t take much to fall behind. It takes an act of god to catch back up.
…I’m sure there’s a lot more, but I think that’s good enough for now. What did you learn in 2010?

7 thoughts on “What Did I Learn in 2010?

  1. Ha! Those are a lot of good things you learned, but the one that made me snort?resoldering the power connection!I’m so techno-challenged, I’m lucky if the router and modem keeps everything connected!hee hee

  2. LOL dude. You obviously kept your sense of humor after what has been a truly tough year.What I’ve learned is that I waste alot of time on things I really don’t need to be doing rather than paying attention to the things I should. Long sentence for a simple acknowledgement.Take care buddy, and know that this year will be better than the last – if for nothing else than you’re still vertical and surrounded by loved ones.

  3. I think 2005/2006 was my worst year(s) for the exact same reasons. I’ve learned:Boys under the age of 21 need to sit down to pee because they can’t get it in the toilet. ;)I really missed playing D&D.I need to go figure out what I want to be when I grow up & to go back to school.I wish I was more sophisticated than I really am.I want to be artistic again.Math is still hard.

  4. @ITThat is an excellent quote. I shall add that to my mental rolodex.@QuirkyI’m a jack of all trades, and not even close to master of any… Picture if you will: crap. the wire came out. hrm… wires… metal piece. I have a soldering iron, don’t I? How hard could it be?!@Alex Some people don’t like logic. /shrug. I personally, love logic, and I like my money a lot too. @EricIf I ever lose my sense of humor, I hope someone rubs me out. Even in my fits of rage, I always look back and chuckle at some of the things I say… I told my daughter yesterday after she spilled her hot choloate “For christ’s sake, I could hand you an empty glass and you’d find a way to spill something out of it! I bet if I went to the cabinet and told the glasses I was going to let you use them, they’d all just flop over by themselves!” She didn’t find it amusing, but later on, I got a good snicker out of it. … I’m a rotten dad. >:D@KathulhuI think I could cut and paste that list right in at the bottom of mine. /cheers!@SuldogThanks man, I think it already has!

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