Things People Say – Part Two

I have a nephew who, at a very young age used to ask constantly “Cuz why?” and it drove me nucking futs.

Cause, it just is! Jeez!

I guess, it’s a pretty common question among children, and rightly so. There’s a lot to learn in this word, and how does one learn if not by asking questions? 
It’s kind of sad though, that the “Because it is!” answer is so accepted. I think it leads to things being stupid for no apparent reason, yet accepted. I think adults do not ask the question “Cuz why?” enough. If we did, I’d have less shit to complain about, and this blog post wouldn’t exist, I suppose, but the world would make more sense. 
For example… (you knew it was coming, didn’t you?) Why do people say these things?
Have you ever had someone looking for a recommendation ask you “Hey, do you have a good {insert noun here} you would recommend?” Why is that such an acceptable question?? First, if it’s something like a restaurant, then no, I do not HAVE one, good or bad, that’d I’d recommend. If it’s something like a recipe, then yeah, I have good ones… Why would I have bad ones? What kind of person collects bad recipes? And why do you feel the need to specify that I should only recommend the good ones, did you think I’d recommend the bad ones, even if I kept bad recipes? 
Hot water heater… If the water is already hot, why do you need to heat it? Isn’t it a cold (or at least ground-temperature) water heater? 
I really hate it when people tell me to be careful. My poor wife says it to me all the time when I’m doing something like going out in a rain storm, or using power tools or juggling knives, and I get so aggrivated. I know she’s only concerned for my well being.

Still though, I can’t help but feel like saying “Oooh, yeah… Good thing you said that, I might have forgotten to be careful…” I try not to though, especially when she says it…

Manners are very important, but I find it interesting sometimes. Saying “Please” for example… It’s just a word, right? I mean, you convey that you want something… and you’re by default being rude, until saying please. But why? Why is the default negative, and how is it negated by that word?

Feel free not to say God bless you when I sneeze. It’s just a sneeze, and I’m allergic to dust, which I have, and cats…which I also have. It’s not a demon, I just sneezed. God’s busy. I can handle a sneeze without divine intervention. In fact, I’m happier when people don’t say anything at all. Especially if I have a cold, and I could be blowing mucas all over my face, I don’t need other people calling attention to the fact that I just sneezed. (snoze?)

Don’t say “same difference”… If something is similar to something else, then “same thing” would be the proper phrase to convey the idea you’re aiming for. It’s not the differences you’re trying to point out when you’re inferring that the thing you said and the other thing are the same. And if there’s a difference, then it, by definition, cannot be the same. If it’s the same, then there is no difference.

What sayings that people use give you an eye twitch like me?


7 thoughts on “Things People Say – Part Two

  1. The first one that occurred to me was “Supposably”. And I thought that one was mine alone! :)How about “for all intensive purposes”?I cringe when I hear people mix up the use of “I” with “Me”.”Jay and me went bowling.””She was talking to Ed and I.”Finally, in the written word, using “which” where “that” would be correct, and vice versa.

  2. “Let’s see if we can’t (fill in the blank).” As in, “Let’s see if we can’t get this TV to work.” How bout let’s see if we CAN?As far as the crazy questions kids ask, I always loved how Calvin’s dad (of Calvin and Hobbes) answered Calvin’s odd questions. Of course I don’t have any examples off the top of my head, but his responses were always brilliant.

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