Monstrously aggravated.

I have joined another blog challenge, like the A to Z, but instead of A to Z, it’s M to W…. sort of…. The basis of this challenge, put on by this gracious lass, is to make blog entries in accordance with the letters of your first, middle or last name. I elected to go with Matthew, since that is my name..

I’m frustrated. I’ve had a really shitty day today.

I work for an outsourced I.T. department, and today was our staff meeting in another state. I didn’t attened because I’m one of two people in this state of lovely MA. Our headquarters has 9 folks in PA. Sometimes we fly down, but it makes more sense for us to stay where we are and cover the remote calls.

Typically, I cover the phones, and schedule remote tickets. Today, was like any other where I would do that, except that my computer was experiencing problems. How embarrassing is that? People call our company because they need help with their computers, and they get me… who is having trouble with his computer…

I’m extremely bothered that the workload that I would have (gladly) shouldered today was dumped on someone else, due to technical problems which took me until now to remedy. …and in fact, I’m just waiting for necessary software to download.

ON THE BRIGHT SIDE: I’ve had enough beer that this is all just something to be amused about, and typos are very difficult to avoid. …and I’m tired. Yes, I’m that guy who proclaims to love a good beer, but falls asleep after only a few. I’m not very good company right now, I wager. Either I’m exhausted, or if given the chance to work up some energy, I’m probably just angry.

SO! Sorry if this is your first introduction to my blog, it’s probably not the best day to meet me, but I promise it will get.. I dunno, different? 🙂 Amusing is a relative turn, and I HAVE lost a couple of followers this week, so who is to say, right? 😀

Stick around at least, there’ll be different things to read. 🙂

What do to blow off steam or relax? Does drinking help or hurt your aggravation? Have you ever been stopped from doing your job, but the very thing that your job requires you do?


6 thoughts on “Monstrously aggravated.

  1. MBJ – I certainly did! Fortunately I knew how to fine him. 🙂 It’s irritating cause it wasn’t so much that I needed answers, I just needed time… Which I didn’t really have. IT – You bring up a good point, I feel I must clarify myself now… I never drink to avoid a problem. When I started drinking, I was finally in the clear, as is evident by the fact that I was posting things on the internet via computer again… When the drinking began, I was still in the throes of aggravation for having been unable to assist my colleges today… Obviously nothing I could do about it, thoughy I was still furious… I squelched the flames with beer, and now I’m cooling the embers with a big fat sundae. :D. Butter crunch ice cream, peanut butter sauce, and heath bar topping. Excellent combo. 🙂

  2. Oooh, sundaes do help.I was/have been trying to think of ways to blow off steam. Someone asked me a couple weeks ago, and I realized that I don’t. I hold it in. I don’t recommend that.

  3. crap day huh. Hope it’s well past now. I don’t like them, and do tend to grumble into a whiskey or beer, but I know I feel better if I get rid of the frustration with exercise or gardening.

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