Is Lack of Evidence Proof?

Following a recent post of mine wherein I explained my thoughts on god, I had a discission with a friend of mine who believes there is no such thing. He explained that he grew up in a devount Catholic household, and the holes in the teachings gave rise to questions. I directed me to a video clip that I can’t seem to find. The video was about someone who had seen the inaccuracies and began asking questions, and finding more descrpencies in the bible and teachings which eventually led him to Aethism.

I started thinking about it, and came to the conclusion that if all the things this fellow found are true (and I say IF because I don’t have the ambition or the means to really double check for him, so he could be misleading for all I know) then he hasn’t really disproven the existence of a god, just that the religion is wrong.

When I voiced this thought, the friend of mine said that in a forum where everything is based on logic, if you can’t prove something, it doesn’t exist. Someone is saying “God is this” but has no proof, thus God must be none of those things.

I personally disagree. Simply because we don’t understand something, or we can prove something, doens’t mean it’s non-existent, right? I mean, people who believe in the big bang theory (a vast number of whom are atheists) can’t prove it. No one can, that’s why it’s called a theory. Could it have happened? Certainly does seem strange, right? So much nothing, that it became something? I’ve never been so full that I became hungry. I’ve never been so sleepy that I became rested. I’ve never heard of someone being so strong that they became weak… conventional wisdom would state that it couldn’t have happened… But then, the same could be said for the existence of God right? Someone’s suggesting something, and as unlikely as it might sound, it certainly would explain some things. (or in this case, everything).

I don’t claim to know anything one way or another, but I do feel like organized religion is not entirely right on. I’d feel like the church would be far more credible if it were a non-profit (hah, or prophet!) organization. The idea that they are the wealthiest business in the world sorta shoots holes all over the floor of that particular boat in my opinion. What do they need all that money for, other than settlements lately? (Sorry, cheap shot…)

My friend is not comfortable with not having a belief it seems. I’m perfectly happy to sat that to me, the numbers don’t seem to add up, and leave it at that. He seems to need something to believe in, even if the belief is in disbelief.

Religion aside, do you feel that a lack of evidence is enough to make you believe the opposite? All opinions are welcome.


4 thoughts on “Is Lack of Evidence Proof?

  1. Well, here’s my two bits worth. I’m also from a devout Catholic household, though personally I haven’t practiced in a long time. My faith has absolutely nothing to do with religion. It has everything to do with a belief in a higher power, who I choose to call God. In my lifetime there have been entirely too many coincidences occur for me to believe he doesn’t exist. Oh, and I didn’t need someone else to point them out to me.

  2. Wow, IT sounds as if he may be a member of my club AND belief system. Hi, IT.Matt, lack of evidence doesn’t prove anything for me except that [drum roll] there’s not any or enough evidence to prove anything. I guess I’m a rather concrete thinker. Not all that abstract. Though I am whimsical! Thanks for the post. I chewed on the question during a 7 mile walk. It kept me busy in my head.

  3. No, I personally don’t think the lack of evidence proves anything except well…there’s a lack of evidence. I’m the type of thinker that only actual evidence will change my mind. If it can proven true, then I’ll question my beliefs.

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