General Blogger

I was recently told that based on the wide range of topics I blog about, that I am a general blogger. I like to think that means I’m in charge of all the other Sergeant and Colonel bloggers. So I thought I’d make a badge for all those other General Bloggers out there. Go ahead and grab it, and comment on this post. I will make a link to your blog above, and share your page with all other readers.

Wanna make the list? Grab the badge from the sidebar, post it in an obvious place on your blog, and post a comment here, and I will add your blog to the list on the “General Blogger” tab above. Simple as that!

How do you know if you’re a General Blogger?? Do Sergeant Bloggers pee their pants when you’re around?? … what?? NO! If you blog about one specific thing, then you’re probably not a general Bloggger… If you blog about anything and everything, you can safely assume you’re a general blogger!

Grab the code at the top right!


14 thoughts on “General Blogger

  1. I think the fact that my topics range from bicycling tights and seizure medications, to donuts and cupcakes makes me a General Blogger. Love it!

  2. Well lets see… I believe I was a General Blogger during the A-Z Challenge and my youngest son has been known to pee in his pants (as recently as yesterday) because he is too busy playing to use the bathroom.I’ll let you tell me if you think that counts!

  3. Heh, you are all definitely general bloggers! Feel free to grab the badge should it please you! :DI may shine it up a little but if you use the code that’s up there, it’ll update itself. 🙂

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