From the Mind of a Five Year Old

This is what my kid did when I let her prepare her own burger. I almost felt bad that I had to tell her to actually eat it when she was done. 

11 thoughts on “From the Mind of a Five Year Old

  1. I love making faces with food! I even have a blog entry tag called “food with a face,” haha. Have you bought your kids colored ketchup? (Do they still make colored ketchup?) That was my FAVORITE for making food faces have unique personalities, and this was just a few years ago =)

  2. Uncle Skip – Thanks! 🙂 Allison – I think I vaguely remember such a thing as different colored ketchup now that you mention it, but I’ve never bought it. I kinda think if I got it, she’d use it on things that weren’t food…Jim’s Girl – Your 8 year old has a fine eye for art. 🙂 Dawn – Hell yeah she ate it! To my surprise she actually ate the whole thing. Seems like letter her play with her food a little might actually get her interested enough in it to eat it… wierd maybe, but… she IS my kid after all. I’ve been to the Black Rose before, but it was a long time ago. I’m glad you had a good time in my stomping grounds! Come back any time, we’re always here. :DEric – I’ve never been particularly fond of pickles myself, but she loves em. I always give her the pickles off of my McDonalds burgers on the rare occassion I get one. Buck – Sometimes that’s all there is to say! :)Halli – She loved it! Something about the creativity she got to use made her excited to eat it, I guess! I’m excited to see what she does when she grows up, but honestly, that’s happening way too fast!

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