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I find it funny how differently people will react at being called a Kid. Growing up, I remember telling a female friend that she was “a good kid”. Well! Boy, you would have thought I called her a slack-jawed, stupid ass clown, or something like that, and what’s worse, I think we were only barely 15? We were definitely, by ALL definition, kids.

I remember a time when being a kid was a real pain in the ass, and all I could do was look forward to being an adult. Get my own money, spend it on things that I wanted, etc… (Yeah right!) The typical stuff a child wishes for, but I never included in those wishes giving up the freedoms and privileges I’d already had. I never said “Boy, I’d gladly pay taxes if people would stop telling me what time to come home…”. I never wanted to STOP being a kid, I just wanted to do some adult things in addition!

Well, time waits for no man, and thus I am (I think?) technically an adult, though I prefer to think of myself as a little kid of thirty. I like to think we’re all really still kids. After all, we’re the same person we were back then, albeit a little older and hopefully wiser. We may walk a different path now, but by and large, we’re the same folks, and at one time, we were a kid! I consider it like being the President… Even after you’re done with your term, people still have to call you Mr. President!

After some thought, I think that when you get right down to it, most of us still enjoy having a good time, just like we did when we were kids. Frankly, I think the only reason we ever do anything is for the basic goal of Fun. Why do we work? So we can have money… Why do we want money? To pay for things… Why do we need things? Well… most of those “things” are not essential to be alive, but they sure make things easier… Cars, houses, etc… Very nice things, and I want them… but there are places on earth where people live without these things. It CAN be done. Maybe not comfortably, but it is possible. Personally, I’m not interested in living off the land, wearing a loin cloth, so… I prefer working, cause being broke is no fun! At very least, even if you don’t agree with me (and I know some people won’t!) you have to admit that the answer to any question about why we do anything we do can be “Because the alternative is less fun or desirable.” Right?

I know there are people who enjoy their jobs and say they’d work if they hit the lottery, but I’m willing to bet that the vast majority would stop working the day their employers stopped paying. The few who would still show up need their heads examined.

One of my favorite songs by Moxy Fruvous is called “The Kid’s song”. It does a good job of pointing out the things

Unfortunately my YouTube-Fu was not strong enough to find a video of it… So I’ll cut and paste some of the lyrics from some other place…

We took the babies we knew and the toddlers we knew,
Said we’d like to get a slice of life from your point of view
‘Cause you cry and laugh a lot more than us older folks do
It’s a Spicer show especially for you.

The markers that I just got are non-toxic
And my sister says the lake is quite dioxic
I don’t know what these words mean,
I just want to play where it’s clean
But something in the backyard make my dog sick.

Is there something you like? (squirt-gunning my dog!)
Is there something you hate? (when my turtle ate my gerbil)
Is it fun to take a bath (yes, no, sometimes, yeah)
Should Quebec separate?
Well, we’ll try and handle that for you
And make a better world, so you can have kids too.

My mom is French, and she’s a candy striper
When my dad sings ‘Save the Queen’ she gets real hyper
She says “Douglas, keep your paws
Off my Notwithstanding clause”
And they argue, and forget about my diaper (gross!)

Is there something you like? (Jurassic Park)
Is there something you despise? (when I ate too many crayons)
Do you like to play with dolls? (not dolls, action figures)
Do you have a gender bias? (my sister is three….gender biases)*awkward silence… huh?*
Well, we’ll try to handle that for you
And make a better world, so you can have kids too.

Hello, I’m Gabby and I just got here from Chile (welcome Gabby!)
I like Canada, except that it is chilly
I met Premier Bob Rae, and he ain’t no Pinochet
My mother makes a spicy bowl of chili (three rhymes!)

Is there something you like? (squirt-gunning my Shreddies)
Is there something you reject? (food that isn’t pizza)
What’s your favourite colour? (fuschia…teal)
Is that politically correct? (tbhtbhtbhtbh!)
Well, we’ll try and handle that for you
And make a better world, so you can have kids too.

Now the kids have held court, and we’re glad to report
That from now on we’ll take orders from the young and the short
In fact, adults should only speak up as a final resort
When there’s a grown-up problem through which one must sort
Trust the people for whom living is a sport
If you need us we’ll be backyard in our new treefort.

EDIT: Ok, so I explored my own YouTube-Fu a little deeper, and just created a video of this song though it’s just a picture of the band’s name, you can listen to the song at least.

I think the world would be a better place if it were run by those who think more like kids, and less like Business men… don’t you?


5 thoughts on “Kids

  1. I think the world would be a better place if it were run by those who think more like kids, and less like Business men… don’t you? I was with ya right up until the last, about which… Ahem. No. The current resident of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave is the veritable embodiment of your theory, Matt. I don’t care for what he’s doin’ and where he’s takin’ us. Just sayin’.As for me, personally… I hope I never grow up in the larger sense. There are times to be serious… even as a kid… and there are times to have fun. The trick is knowing what’s appropriate and when.

  2. Yeah, I can see that. I’m just in a wishful type of mood lately, and I guess I really just meant that life would be a lot easier if things just worked so that we we could still enjoy the carefree lives of a kid. Obviously that’s just a fantasy, but it’d be nice! Kids just don’t know how good they have it, until they don’t anymore. My daughter told me I was making her life difficult recently… I thought: Uh, yeah… wanna trade?

  3. I miss the good ole days of being a kid and not having to really worry about much except maybe how you’re going to get to the beach or stuff like that. Or … (Actually going to the beach would be nice too. Now I’m limited to occasional days off or weekends to do “kid” stuff.) but hey … Money is money, and if I have a job, I shouldn’t be complaining too much right?

  4. Fun… it ain’t worth doing if it ain’t fun. By the same token, it has to be fun for everyone, not just the one who thought of it.

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