Conspiracy Theory: Disney

So this is a post I’ve had in mind now for a couple of years. When I was a kid, The Disney channel was a whole lot different than it is now. I remember shows like Dumbo’s Circuis and Kids Incorporated, or just cartoons. Shows with puppets, or kids who looked like kids we knew, or the iconic Mickey Mouse.

DisneyThese days, every show is about a girl, who not only stars in the show, but she sings and dances too. Not necessarily bad, but it seems like they’re all made up like tramps. They’re frequently disrespectful, snide, and condescending to others around them, PARTICULARLY when dealing with things like popularity and “nerds”. Coupled with the fact that parents are afraid to discipline their children, we wonder why bullying is a problem? This bothers me very much, as a father of two small girls, one of which is infatuated with these shows.

I was also pretty young when I realized it is a little ridiculous that most of the princess movies involve being forced to get married on their 16th birthday… I was a LITTLE relieved when in the princess and the frog, she was 18. STILL ridiculously young, but I guess at least it’s legal.

I was talking with a friend about this some years back, and he told me about a conspiracy theory. Sure, Disney has it’s share of Conspiracy theories, but this one isn’t on the wiki…

It’s important to mention, I’m not really all that much of a conspiracy theoriest, I have no facts, and nothing to back this up, even the quote below about statistics… But even still, it sounds at least plausible.

Goes a little something like this:

First: statistically speaking, a child who grows up in a single parent family is more likely to join the armed forces than one who had both parents present while growing up.

The conspiracy theory suggests that the Government pushed (or otherwise influenced) Disney to put money into making slutty stars to get the country’s girls to emulate the promiscuity of the girls on stage, and have kids who are statistically more likely to join the armed forces.


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11 thoughts on “Conspiracy Theory: Disney

    • Heya Buck! Nope, I don’t. I have absolutely no information to substantiate any of this, I was hoping someone might have information either to the contrary or otherwise…

  1. It wouldn’t surprise me that there is a “motive behind the madness”. Children are impressionable, so, the media is a perfect avenue to influence them. I’m so thankful we have the Word of God as a guide to light our way!

  2. Got to this one from twitter, maybe it was my laptop? It kept trying to send me to random wordpress plug-ins.

    As for your theory, it’s not out of the realm of possibility. I had a post a while back (has been deleted due to not wanting parents/grandparents to see it) about how sexuality media has become and how screwed up our general perception of love and morality has become.

    Also, I would go on to say that it isn’t just Disney that would be promoting this kind of thing, but MTV too. (as well as a slew of others, i’m sure) For example, 16 and Pregnant. Half the girls that were on that show are now ‘celebrities’. So, we’re glorifying promiscuity at a young age and basically saying “Hey, if you get knocked up at 16 it’s not that big of a deal cause look at all these girls”. I remember seeing girls on Maury or Jerry Springer (don’t judge me) and thinking how stupid they were, or trashy. MTV basically took that and flipped it on its head.

    Also, I think there was some story about girls making pregnancy pacts.

    And to end my super long comment, you just gave me an awesome idea for a post. I will definitely give a link to this post in it. 😀

    • Yeah, good points… I can’t want to read your post!

      I didn’t think about MTV, probably because I don’t watch it, and my kids are too young to have discovered it… But even back when I did watch it, things like The Real World and Road Rules also glorify promiscuity.

      I’m not exactly a prude, mind… But my 7 year old said “Those are some sexy shoes!” the other day, and my eye started twitching… She’s not learning that from TV yet, so it must have been school… which means 1st graders are saying things like this?? Just kill me now…

  3. Ok so let me start by saying I don’t believe in aliens and I’m usually a fact person but I’m a 24 yr old woman and I’ve noticed there’s alot more soon showing on Disney and on abc (which is owned by Disney) on one show switched at birth they died two very fine girls for a entire scene talking in there bras and underwear…that was unacceptable when I was even growing up we had girls like Hillary duff but even then they were wearing short skirts and belly shirts…I like your theroy but I think there’s more to it…check out selena Gomez conspiracy theory good morning America show on you tube it’s really interesting and I haven’t been able to shake it since

  4. Ok stupid spell check….let’s try this again on a show called switched at birth two of the main charters were in only there bra and underwear for a entire scene Disney owns abc family and a few other stations u would have never guessed

  5. Well, that’s interesting. Don’t know if you’re still following this thread or not, since its 2 years old, but…both of our girls (who are even now big disney fans, but are also adopted sisters) got pregnant out of wedlock following high school. One of them later told us that watching Disney movies informed them as they were growing up that you meet a guy, kiss and then…have sex. So, there’s something I didn’t realize was going on in their heads, especially since we were a church going family, etc. However, the kids’ mother was a single teen-age mom and we adopted them when they were 3 and 4, so that must have also had a big influence on them. But, our daughter cited the disney movies.

    • Hi there! I’m still here, just buried under a bunch of real life garbage… Interesting that they told you that. I’m sure it’s not just Disney either, most shows aimed at kids these days are pretty similar, unfortunately.

      • Hi! Good to hear from you. I never expected to given the fact that the thread was 2 years old, but it seemed like you were still there somehow. 🙂 Yes, I was actually shocked to find out that our daughters were impacted that way. I grew up in FL and even worked at Disney World in high school and through both sides of the family have maintained out patronage, even inheriting the DVC membership from our mother-in-law when she died a few years ago. Thus, we go about once every other year as we share this with my husband’s brother’s family. I was completely unaware that Disney had a dark side until a few years ago and then was shocked to find it out. I knew they’d been taken over by a more liberal owner several years back and that changed many things in other areas of their business…and then of course, when pleasure island was built, we were disappointed and shocked to find they were actually establishing the place where Pinnochio was proven to be a fool by going there. And then, they go and build one! We couldn’t believe it. Since learning that, we’ve inherited the membership in the Disney Vacation club that we didn’t pay for – its a free trip to a large degree and we still like the innocent part of their business to those who don’t know any better. I’m not sure how much of the conspiracy stuff I believe as I’ve read all kinds of things about it. But, I do know now that my own kids were misled by the themes that went over my head. Of course, churches in Fl are not happy about the skimpy clothes the girls in the movies wear and of how they appear in the parks, but I think its just viewed by most as costumes that we can live with without thinking it has any real “message” to our kids. I found out it did. The messages to me went over my head as a kid. I seemed to see all that and just think that dressing that way was for “somebody else” – certainly, not me. But, it certainly did strike my daughters differently – though I can’t say why. I think partially because that’s the real life their mother lived, so they saw it actually reinforced in real life. That’s probably happening a lot. What sparked your interest in this?

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