Queue the pollen!

In case you haven’t made your way outside in the last few days, or haven’t noticed the date, or haven’t frequented just about everyone else’s blog, I thought I’d let you know that spring is apparently upon us.

Spring has sprung
the grass has riz
I wonder where the flowers iz?

I’m a creature of the cold, to be quite truthful. The sun gives me headaches, and burns me like an ant under a magnifying glass. I’m quite comfortable in temperatures around 55°F – 65°F, and I’d rather throw on a sweatshirt when it’s chilly than a tank top when it’s hot.

I don’t do well in the heat. I’d credit it to the winter insulation that I put on during the winter of 1998… uh, and never shed, though I seem to put on a new layer every winter. Either that, or someone is playing tricks on me and shrinking my clothes a size or two every year. But even back in high school when I was a lean 180lbs, I was easily oppressed by the heat. I am finding as I get a little older though, I do tend to put the heat up a couple degrees higher than I used to.

I walked outside today and breathed deeply. It was a nice feeling, as the air rushed through my head and didn’t cause my sinuses to freeze dry in a painful stinging way. The sun was behind a cloud, and I could clearly see the beginnings of new leaves budding on the trees. A duck dramatically plunged out of the air and into the calm water of the lake behind my house, and I thought “Perhaps I did miss the warmer weather. This isn’t so bad.”

I looked back at the billowing fair-weather clouds, just as the sun poked its way out from around it scorching my retinas. I averted my eyes  back to the lake to see Mr. Duck being chased out of the cove by the resident swan, which are actually much more aggressive than they’ve been portrayed, by the way. The swan beat his wings at the water and stuck his head out to nip at the duck. I watched nature play it’s little game until another ambassador of nature buzzed stupidly into my eye. Rotten little fruit flies or whatever the heck they are that we get around here… gnats of some sort…

Rubbing the Kamikaze gnat-pilot out of my eye, or more likely into my eye, I blinked a couple times and found myself looking at the lawn. The leaves that were currently being replaced by new buds still lay dead and wet on what would eventually become grass. It occurred to me that I’d have to remove them shortly, so that I could then begin the weekly (or bi-weekly depending on my enthusiasm) ritual of mowing.

I did enjoy my momentary spring fever, and I’m grateful for it, but as I sit here, my red eye watering, I wonder if I might have enjoyed perhaps another week or two of chilliness and sweatshirts.

Ah well, it gives me something to look forward too… C’mon back September, and bring your cool breeze and football!


3 thoughts on “Queue the pollen!

  1. You couldn’t possibly have any pollen there, Matt. Every molecule of pollen on the planet is here in Las Vegas torturing me. I am so full of antihistamines my lips and tongue stick to my teeth, but the eyes and nose don’t stop streaming. I take it you won’t be visiting our fair city in August, eh? I walk 8 – 10 miles a day out in it, no matter the weather, but I prefer it warmer. Just not 112!

  2. Oh please let the winter come back. I have massive allergies and asthma. And the sun was so blinding out today I could barely see where I was walking.What? So I’m a hermit at heart. Big deal.

  3. I’m fortunate to not have any allergies aside from Dust mites and a mild one to cats. I’ve found being outside pleasant on occasion, but truth be told, I’m a cave dweller. I’d rather be sitting in my office than outside. Oddly though, I love camping. It seems to be the exception to the rule.

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